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#1386874 - 02/16/15 11:17 PM Which cage would you suggest?
Natsumi Offline
New Member

Registered: 02/16/15
Posts: 3
Loc: USA
I'm having a tough time deciding between the Madagascar Sugar Glider Cage which is '48 inches x 24 inches wide x 24 inches deep' according to the site, or the Critter Nation Small Animal Cage Double Unit which is '36"L x 24"W x 63"H' according to the site. Aside from size, I noticed the critter Nation has a sort of divider in the center with a ramp leading up the upper portion. Would that hamper the gliders from being able to jump around and really use the height of the cage? Does anyone have either of these and want to let me know how they like them? They both have good reviews, I'm just having a really rough time deciding. I'm buying tomorrow so it can be shipped here for my suggies with time to spare, and I'm leaning a little toward the Critter Nation just because I've read it's easier to clean, etc., but if they'll have more fun/comfort in the Madagascar, I'd definitely go for that.

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#1386875 - 02/17/15 12:13 AM Re: Which cage would you suggest? [Re: Natsumi]
JanetGlider Offline
Glider Slave

Registered: 09/05/08
Posts: 1404
Loc: Gibson City, IL
I have always preferred the Large Sturdy Cage from Suncoast
over either of these other cages. It is very similar to the
Madagascar Cage but is 32 " long by 21" deep instead of only
24" X 24". Also the Madagascar Cage has ramps and shelves that aren't really needed. And is 67 1/2" tall rather than 48". I do have 9 of them and love them!!

But in all actuality whatever of the cages you choose for\your situation would most likely work out.

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#1386880 - 02/17/15 10:05 AM Re: Which cage would you suggest? [Re: Natsumi]
Ladymagyver Offline

Registered: 10/07/14
Posts: 1932
Loc: SW Missouri
I have to agree with Janet. I love my Suncoast cage. I did look at the other two, and felt that my girls would rather have all thar space to jump around in since they jump around as much as they climb.

But again, it's up to you. Your babies will be just fine.

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#1386884 - 02/17/15 11:11 AM Re: Which cage would you suggest? [Re: Ladymagyver]
Terry Offline
Glider Addict

Registered: 04/29/12
Posts: 4836
Loc: Maryland
That separating platform can be left out when putting together. I've recently read reviews and seen photos of setup. When I get to my computer I'll link them to you or you can try Google search if you don't want to wait till a little later today.

I personally have had a Madagascar cage, loved it for many reasons, but back corners were hard for me to reach for cleaning . I also have currently large sturdy, love that even more, but also finding back corners for cleaning as well.

Okay, I went ahead and got to my computer prior to cleaning the snow off my car, lol. I know you want to order today, my car can wait. Below is the link to the review, please read the entire thread and refer to the photos so you can get the complete idea of this cage.

Critter Nation Cage Review

I personally have preferred HQ cages, the only downside to the ones I've had is the trouble reaching back into the corners when thoroughly cleaning, and this has become a bigger issue for me as time goes by. The CN cage would be ideal for me, but the space I have now, the Large Sturdy is too large, I'm making it work, but easily startle my babies when passing through the door at times. Also, as I like the idea of horizontal bars, it would prohibit my use of water silos, which is my preferred method of offering water and at times have used for HPW, I suppose I could figure a way to rig, but the ease of use would be hampered most likely. Other than the reasons I just mentioned, I would strongly consider the CN cage for the next cage based on what I've read and seen in photos.

I am not in any way trying to influence you to one cage or another, I just wanted to share my input on the cages from what I know. I've not experienced the CN cage personally, so can only go by what I've read and my thoughts about it. The HQ cages, both the Madagascar and Tall Sturdy are the ones I'm familiar with, and feel from my experience they are good cages.

Edited by Terry (02/17/15 11:55 AM)
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#1386895 - 02/17/15 07:27 PM Re: Which cage would you suggest? [Re: Natsumi]
Natsumi Offline
New Member

Registered: 02/16/15
Posts: 3
Loc: USA
Thanks for everyone's help and suggestions!
I actually went ahead and got the Critter Nation cage before I could reply to you all, but thanks for the link Terry(and for the special treatment over getting the dreaded snow off your car lol)! I'm definitely gonna check it out and most likely remove that platform when it comes in the mail and I'm putting it together. The large sturdy was just a bit out of our current price range and due to hearing cleaning the CN is really easy, I went with that one.

#1386929 - 02/19/15 12:49 AM Which cage would you suggest? [Re: Natsumi]
cmgode Offline
New Member

Registered: 02/19/15
Posts: 1
Loc: Colorado

Hi I am looking at a cage that wasn't mentioned in this post. It is from Exotic Nutrition and is called the "peak roof" sugar glider cage. Overall height 65 inches, inside height 53 inches, 24 inches wide x 24 inches deep. Total of 17.5 cubic feet of interior space. 1/2 inch bar spacing.

Does this seem adequate for 2 gliders. We are still in the 'investigation' stage trying to decide what is right for us as far as the actual pet and cage.

Also we do travel on occasion and would need recommendations for inexpensive travel cages. This travel cage would need to be a home for the glider for up to a week. Or, if we are traveling for that amount of time do we need to find a babysitter?

#1386934 - 02/19/15 09:27 AM Re: Which cage would you suggest? [Re: Natsumi]
Ladymagyver Offline

Registered: 10/07/14
Posts: 1932
Loc: SW Missouri
I was intrigued it is cute, but the biggest downfall is the door size. Two 9 x 9 inch doors. A good sized glider safe wheel will not fit through those doors and I would be concerned about being able to reach all the corners to clean and set up cage.

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#1389034 - 04/15/15 04:50 PM Re: Which cage would you suggest? [Re: Natsumi]
Philwojo Offline
Tech Support

Registered: 04/14/15
Posts: 761
Loc: Darien, IL
I am glad I found this thread, was researching for my wife and I as we might get our first gliders and was curious about the Midwest Critter Nation Cage, model #162.

Great thread, the only thing I would ask is that if the original poster (OP) can add the models to the title it would be great for others in the future searching for information on this cage as well.

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#1389043 - 04/16/15 10:03 AM Re: Which cage would you suggest? [Re: Natsumi]
Dani4Hedgies Offline
Glider Slave

Registered: 04/24/09
Posts: 1408
Loc: Merriam KS
Lol I see I have found the right thread as I am looking at purchasing a new cage for my new babies. As it has been years since I last brought a cage and right now Sugar Glider Store has all their cages on sale and wow there are a lot to chose from now.
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#1389052 - 04/16/15 03:59 PM Re: Which cage would you suggest? [Re: Natsumi]
Raelea Offline
Out of Pouch

Registered: 10/31/14
Posts: 42
Loc: Alberta, Canada
I have the Critter Nation cage, the double unit, and I love it. I put it together without the divider and I don't use the large trays that came with it anymore either.
What I've done is take the ramps and hook one of the end pieces into the hole on the cage for the tray and the other hook over the bars, then I used three or four zip ties to connect the side of the ramp to the back of the cage. I found the trays were too large for how I wanted the cage set up (also they didn't sit flat and that bothered me, lol) I still wanted some secure horizontal platforms for my babies to sit and to hang stuff off of. I've also found the cage is really easy to clean. I live in northern Alberta Canada so taking the cage outside to wash is not an option for 9 months of the year. I found warm water, dishsoap and a microfiber cloth clean it really easily.
The only con, and I'm not sure I'd even call it that, is the size of the doors. It's wonderful that you can open up the entire front of the cage for decorating and cleaning however when the critters are young and not tame it's pretty easy for them to escape since I can't block the whole door with my body.
I didn't have alot of options because shipping costs so much but I'm really happy with my cage.


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