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#1387736 - 03/14/15 09:16 PM Glider Feeding Set-Up
Emily123ABC Offline
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Registered: 03/14/15
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Loc: Indiana, United States
Hello~! I'm going to be getting a sugar glider very soon and I was wondering about the set up of the cage. How would you set up the food and water? Would you put the bowls on a platform? Attach them to the side of the cage? Or just put them on the bottom of the cage? I really need the advice. smile

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#1387740 - 03/14/15 10:30 PM Re: Glider Feeding Set-Up [Re: Emily123ABC]
Feather Offline

Registered: 01/19/08
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Loc: Wisconsin
Some people use a shelf for their gliders dishes. Others use glider kitchens, they are made out of a small rubber made tote with holes cut into it for the gliders to get in and out of it.

I set mine on the floor of the cage away from the wheel. I hang the water bottle towards the bottom of the cage also.
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#1387741 - 03/14/15 10:45 PM Re: Glider Feeding Set-Up [Re: Emily123ABC]
Dalton63841 Offline
Out of Pouch

Registered: 01/29/15
Posts: 41
Loc: Southeast Missouri
You can put them just about anywhere that is convenient. I like to occasionally split up their food in different places throughout the cage. In the wild, they are foragers, so they seem to get excited when they find their food.

#1387742 - 03/14/15 10:48 PM Re: Glider Feeding Set-Up [Re: Emily123ABC]
CandyOtte Offline
Serious Glideritis

Registered: 09/03/08
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Loc: Lutz Florida
I'm going to be getting a sugar glider very soon

I do hope you will consider getting TWO gliders rather than one. Gliders are colony animals and really do not thrive if kept alone. Getting two from the start saves you the money for a second cage that will be necessary when you do get a second glider for a 30 day quarantine plus what ever time required for gradual introductions of the two gliders. It will also eliminate the stress of introducing two gliders.

The placement of your gliders' food and water is what ever works out best for you and your gliders. Your gliders will let you know if they like your choice by how well they eat each night. There is no right or wrong placement other than perhaps avoiding putting the food directly under the cage pouch, wheel or any shelves where the gliders may like to sit to pee and poop.

I put my gliders' plate on the floor of the cage in the middle away from all the places higher up in the cage where they can sit to pee.

I put the water bottles just above a small shelf in the cage so they have a place to sit while drinking.
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#1387744 - 03/15/15 06:48 AM Re: Glider Feeding Set-Up [Re: CandyOtte]
Srlb Offline
Glideritis Anonymous

Registered: 10/30/03
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Loc: St. Johns, Florida
Gliders are colony animals and really do not thrive if kept alone.

Although it is true that gliders are colony animals, I have to say that this statement above is not always accurate.

I have a girl here who is alone, she has been for the past 5 years due to medical reasons. She has no cloaca and is not able to be placed in with another glider nor will she accept another glider and she IS THRIVING.

I think it has to do with housing, diet, mental stimulation and interaction.

I personally do not recommend keeping gliders solo, at least not for long periods of time, but I also think it is false to make such a generalized statement which covers all gliders.
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#1387745 - 03/15/15 08:01 AM Re: Glider Feeding Set-Up [Re: Emily123ABC]
Ladymagyver Offline

Registered: 10/07/14
Posts: 2107
Loc: SW Missouri
Mine did fine eating off the bottom of the cage. But they wouldn't eat all their food. Now that it's off the floor, they eat more. So I guess it depends on the glider.

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#1387746 - 03/15/15 08:07 AM Re: Glider Feeding Set-Up [Re: Emily123ABC]
Ladymagyver Offline

Registered: 10/07/14
Posts: 2107
Loc: SW Missouri
Oh yea, :welcomegc: glad you found us! There are a lot of resources here to help you make good choices for your new joey.

You will want to provide your joey with toys, and cage set, a couple of sleeping pouches, a glider safe wheel, some foraging toys.

have you found a vet in your area that care for gliders?

If you think of more questions, please don't hesitate to ask!

Oh, and please post pictures!

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#1387751 - 03/15/15 12:15 PM Re: Glider Feeding Set-Up [Re: Ladymagyver]
Terry Online   grin
Glider Addict

Registered: 04/29/12
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Loc: Maryland
As stated placement of food is pretty much up to you. Your gliders may show a preference or not about where it is. One thing is for sure, they learn quick where to look for it grin

It's preferable to place where it will stay cleanest as also mentioned. The serving dish is also a preference. Some offer food on a plate or tray on the floor, their gliders will sit around and eat from it, mine will walk all over it to eat that way, shakehead so I don't prefer it for obvious reasons.

My preferred way to offer their food is throughout the cage at different levels, however I've changed my methods due to a bit of territorial issues.

When I just had the two girls, I used a diner on the floor for their fruit and veggie bowl (they shared very nicely), and the staple nectar was located near the top of the cage, mounted to bars as high as possible, water was offered in bottles, one high, one low.

I ended up not liking the traditional diners, so I went with "Barns" (like Igloos), for cover. That worked fine with the two of them. Basically, it may take some experimenting to find what suits you and your gliders. They will find their food if location is changed, mine have never stopped eating because I changed the type of dish or location it was offered.

I ended up switching from water bottles to silos, and so glad I did, I regret not using them sooner. I use just one now and it is placed high to the right of the front of cage. They are so easy to clean and maintain, and won't fail.

The various way I've served their food are many to list, but necessary changes needed to be made since adding a third glider, the "Barns" did not suffice. I've used either water silo or bird-style feeder (cage mount) for their nectar portion of the meal and various types of bowl or feeding cups (cage mount) for the fruits and veggies. The nectar is usually place high on the left front of the cage or there about, while the fruit and veggies are scattered at different levels as well, with one usually on the floor tucked in a corner under a hammock.

Oh, and Welcome to GC!

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