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#1387894 - 03/19/15 02:33 PM Help with making my own cage?
sassafras Offline
Joey Member

Registered: 03/15/15
Posts: 99
Loc: us
hey there!
I am interested in making my own cage the ones in store and online just don't appeal to me most are very tall but not very wide
A breeder I talked to said I could use pine wood but then I googled it and sites say not to use pine it is toxic to gliders it seems every time I find something I find 10 things saying not to
Many people say use pvc or pcv piping not sure which one it is looks like what you would find in the plumbing section at home depot but its not the look I am going for lol Im very picky this is why I would love to make my own but I want any materials I use to be completely safe for them! thanks so much in advanced to any help or info you guys give me!
Also my new glider hates water bottles ( recently found out the breeder I got her from did not use water bottles in her facility ) so I keep a bowl with water in her cage I am thinking about keeping a bowl in my other gliders cage also because I have not gotten one water bottle that does not leak like crazy I have to change the bedding every few days because it get soaked and sticks to the bottom of the tray any suggestions with this situation would be appreciated to!

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#1387903 - 03/19/15 05:39 PM Re: Help with making my own cage? [Re: sassafras]
GliderNursery Offline
Glideritis Anonymous

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You can get stainless steel wire (very expensive) and make your own cage. Or you can purchase SAFE PVC coated wire that is manufactured by C.E. Shepard. Do not use pvc coated wire by any other manufacturer as there have been serious issues with them, but the CES wire has been safe all along.

I personally don't like water dishes in glider cages. They get soiled very easily and can get dumped too easy. You may want to consider a water silo. Many people use those and prefer them. wink

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#1387913 - 03/19/15 07:07 PM Re: Help with making my own cage? [Re: sassafras]
Ladymagyver Offline

Registered: 10/07/14
Posts: 1928
Loc: SW Missouri
Keep in mind gliders like taller cages over wide cages. They love to be high.

I keep both a silo and water dish (very shallow and small). The silo is high on the cage and the dish is on the ground. I change the water in the dish every day when I take their dinner dishes out, and change the water in the silo every other day.

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#1387915 - 03/19/15 08:34 PM Re: Help with making my own cage? [Re: sassafras]
sassafras Offline
Joey Member

Registered: 03/15/15
Posts: 99
Loc: us
what is a water silo? Have you guys had a lot of success with it lol my male doesn't mind the water bottle but when I put the bowl in he runs right over to it and I just had to get another bottle because the one he had leaks horribly the waters all gone threw half the day and the female has apparently never used one from what the breeder says the only time she will is if their is apple juice on the spout soon as that flavors gone she doesn't go near it but she's usually at the bowl when I see here drinking I have heavy bowls for the water so they can't tip it over and there a lot easier to change I usually do twice a day
Is their a certain brand of the stainless steal wire you would recommend? Also thought about vinyl coated shelving there is a few people on here that say its safe but Im not to sure Thanks for the reply's!
p.s- I will be making it as tall as I can probably a little under 6 feet so I can get it out the doors of my house for cleaning I'm just not happy with how most cages I see are not enough room for them to glide a lot especially with toys food etc. in the cage I want to spoil my babies rotten! enough room to climb and glider with toys and everything in the cage

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