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#1391049 - 06/17/15 11:42 PM Has anyone made a pouch this style before?
sassafras Offline
Joey Member

Registered: 03/15/15
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Loc: us

I really like the style of this kind of pouch I am looking to get 2 or 3 new ones and i thought it be cool to do it myself instead of waiting weeks on shipping and paying 20/30 dollars that way I can make it a bit bigger to

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#1391051 - 06/18/15 02:26 AM Re: Has anyone made a pouch this style before? [Re: sassafras]
zanderfever Offline
In Pouch

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This may be an oversimplification of how to do it, but it seems you can at least get the shape by making a normal pouch with one side being longer than the other. Then, when you flip it inside out to hide the seems, you simply add the loops to the top part as opposed to the sides of the opening.

Have you made pouches already? If not, i'll link you to a video that I used to learn.
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#1391054 - 06/18/15 04:24 AM Re: Has anyone made a pouch this style before? [Re: sassafras]
Ladymagyver Offline

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That is a very pretty pouch! I do make mine and I like the idea of making or folding over the front. The only thing I would change if I made these pouches is instead of using webbing as a strap, I would use a piece of fleece to make the strap to be sure it was safe for their nails. They can get caught in it, or if they are chewers, they might chew at the webbing till it starts to fray.

I would also use plastic links or dollar store plastic shower curtain hooks instead of metal to attach them to the cage.

If you choose to make them pouches, be sure your stitches are tight and as with any pouch, watch for loose threads every time they are washed.

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