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#1391946 - 07/15/15 11:11 AM How can you tell the age of a glider?
Mandy Offline
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Loc: Tampa, FL
So now that my Bubbles has passed away i keep wondering how old she truly was? I had rescued her from a BAD Rescue lady that was just out there to make money of gliders in my area 4 yrs ago. Horrible condition i took her in. Bubbles bonded with me very quickly and I am still devastated she passed away after having pneumonia 2 weeks ago and now keep wondering how old she truly was. She went thru so much in her short life and one thing i know for sure she lived the past 4 yrs in paradise with me. I spend 1000's of dollars on her to get her to where she was before she died.

So any way to know how old a glider really is if you didn't have them as a baby?
1 suggie: Benny M neutered DOB 7/2010 got him 9/2010
1 suggie: Bubbles F Rescue no tail got her 3/16/11 at approx 2 yrs -she died due to pneumonia 7/6/2015 RIP frown

black Labrador: Bogi RIP 8/10/13 the void in my heart will never be filled again.
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#1391949 - 07/15/15 01:05 PM Re: How can you tell the age of a glider? [Re: Mandy]
sweetoothglider Offline
In Pouch

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Loc: Usa
There is no way to telling the age if you didn't get it as as joey from out of the pouch. Since it wasn't a boy and just got it's patch on his head that would be about 8-16 weeks that I've heard. So you have to by what the breeder said which was born on 3/16/2011.So if they were right she would of been 6 years and tomorrow she would 4 months. So she was about 6 years and 4 months old if she was alive now.
I'm Sorry for your lost.
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#1391950 - 07/15/15 02:05 PM Re: How can you tell the age of a glider? [Re: Mandy]
CandyOtte Offline
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Knowing the 'rescuer' (I hesitate to call her that) that you got Bubbles from, it is quite likely that Bubbles was older than 2 years when you got her. For a while she was taking in just about any glider she could get her hands on - then selling or breeding the rescues. She probably had no clue to Bubbles' real age either.

There really is not a good way to determine a glider's age once they reach their full size. My 7 year old gliders look exactly like they did at 2 years old.

I hope Benny is doing well with out his best friend.
Candy Otte
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