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#1392278 - 07/23/15 10:43 PM Sugar glider bit me very bad need to see doctor
lewisari Offline
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hello someone told me to post to this topic I understand it's for emergencies so please just delete it if this isn't considered one.

I have one breeding pair charming and Ella. They recently had s Joey his names Simba he'll be two weeks on Sunday. I'm bonded with charming and Ella charming more so. Tonight I bought Simba back and charming came up to play so I let him out for a visit. He went inside my shirt. I went to take him out he sniffed my thumb and started attacking me fully. Kept biting hard and deep in the same place. I can't move my thumb too well because he bit it so many times. My whole arm has tons of bad bites and bruises. I think she's in heat and I must have smelt like something else. I had a hard time getting him back into the cage but I finally did. I was shocked by this whole thing because him and I are very close. I am close also with his Joey and he's never had an issue with me taking the Joey. Anyways I was going to go to the er I thought my finger was broken I think he got a nerve. I plan on going to the doctors tomorrow, however what do I say should I be looking to get an antibiotic? Please any advice would be very helpful.

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#1392279 - 07/23/15 10:55 PM Re: Sugar glider bit me very bad need to see doctor [Re: lewisari]
KarenE Offline

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Just tell the doctor exactly what happened, and explain to him/her what a sugar glider is. Give the doctor any and all information to aid in your treatment.

IF you think your glider may have hit a nerve or bit you very deep, then by all means get to a doctor as quickly as possible.

The ER forum is intended for glider emergencies, so I'm going to move this post to Behavior & anatomy so you might get some answers on the behavior.

In the meantime, take care of your wounds.
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