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#1394342 - 09/22/15 01:57 PM New Mom with a biter.
Robin Offline
New Member

Registered: 09/22/15
Posts: 8
Loc: NC
On Sept 20th we bought 2 8week old Sugar Bears/Gliders from Pocket Pets @ our local County Fair. The female is doing great and slowly warming up to us though the male has turned out to be a aggressive biter. Yesterday I had to use gloves to put him in his pouch yesterday morning, he stayed active for hours while the female slept peacefully in her pouch. Things went smoothly after he finally went to sleep.
This morning getting him in his pouch was better, tho again he became active (in his pouch) so I took his pouch out of my shirt and he immediately got aggressive and started trying to bite me through the screen. He was biting the screen. After he calmed down and seemed to be sleeping I placed his pouch back in my shirt. A little while later he started to move around and then he tried to bite my stomach through the pouch screen.
I'm not sure on what to do or expect since he's being like this during bonding time. Especially considering we have 2 young daughters 6yo and 4yo that we want our new gliders to love.
I've been following Pocket Pets advice, though in need of second opinions/advice considering the situation.
Any advice is Greatly Appreciated. Thank You! Robin

Also we had noticed that when in the cage, I've caught him at different times biting on the cage at the top edges.

Edited by Robin (09/22/15 03:17 PM)

*New Family of 2 Wonderful Sugar Gliders.*

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#1394358 - 09/22/15 03:31 PM Re: New Mom with a biter. [Re: Robin]
CandyOtte Offline
Serious Glideritis

Registered: 09/03/08
Posts: 5138
Loc: Lutz Florida
Welcome to Glider Parenthood.

Unfortunately, Pocket Pets does not always give honest information about the care and handling of sugar gliders when they recite their sales pitch to encourage impulse sales of these wonderful pets.

Pocket Pets does not raise their own joeys - they purchase them in bulk from large mill breeders. Your joeys were probably not handled much by the original breeders and were definitely taken from their parents too young (they should stay with their parents a MINIMUM of 8 weeks and Pocket Pets probably received your joeys at about 7 weeks OOP).

Your joeys are not mean - they are just very frightened babies suddenly removed from their parents and tossed in with a bunch of other joeys to be transported for sale at the fair. They are biting out of fear, not aggression.

Regardless of their rough start as very young gliders suddenly away from their parents, with lots of patience on your part they will come around to be loving pets for your family.

Take a step back and give your gliders a little time to just adjust to all the new sights, sounds and smells in your home. Let them have a day or two to just chill out in the cage. Talk to them quietly when you are near the cage to help them get used to your voice. Cut some fleece in small 3-4 inch square 'blankies' and tuck them in your clothing or sleep with them in your pillow case for a night to get your (and other members of the family's) scent on the fleece then tuck them in the glider's sleeping pouch.

After a few days, begin offering treats or a piece of fruit in your open palm or on the back of your hand to encourage the gliders to come to you. They will grab it and go off to eat it at first, eventually they will sit on your hand to eat the treat.

bonding with them is a matter of building their trust in you and in your hands so take things gradually. Grabbing them with your hands or wearing gloves will only set back the progress of building trust.

Some gliders do not like to be confined in a bonding pouch so you might try taking them out of the cage in their sleeping pouch and just holding them quietly in the pouch. If the strap of the pouch is removable, you can also hang the bonding pouch in the cage for them to sleep in and just remove the pouch, zip it closed and reattach the strap.

Carry both gliders together in the same bonding pouch. Your more frightened glider will learn from the calmer on that you can be trusted. He may be just more frightened by being separated from his companion.

If Pocket Pets sold you a heat rock - throw it away. Sugar gliders are warm blooded animals fully capable of maintaining their body temperature. The heat rock can cause burns or even electrocution if the gliders chew on the cord. If you are comfortable with the temperature in your home - the gliders will be comfortable as well.

One thing Pocket Pets uses as part of the sales pitch is that Sugar Gliders are good pets for everyone. They are not the perfect pet for everyone and your young daughters may not be able to fully interact with the gliders because Sugar Gliders are nocturnal animals - and your girls will most likely be in bed before the gliders are awake and active each night.

Please do lots of reading on the forum to learn more about sugar gliders behaviors and needs.

This page will help you with bonding:

The pellet food that Pocket Pets probably sold you is not the best diet for sugar gliders. If you received Glider Gravy - this should be their primary staple food and be fed with a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. You can read more about feeding Glider Gravy - which is actually the same product as Critter Love Complete - on this web page:

There are other widely used feeding plans you might also want to consider. I have links on my web page to several to help you locate the information. My own GliderKids Feeding plan is one of several you might consider.

Keep asking questions - we are all here to help you get off to a good start with your new Sugar Gliders.
Candy Otte
& the Glider Kids
Sassy, Corky, Mehitabel & Missy
Wacco, Yacco, & Dot
Mindy, Kanobles, Elmo, & Chipper

#1394360 - 09/22/15 03:32 PM Re: New Mom with a biter. [Re: Robin]
Feather Offline

Registered: 01/19/08
Posts: 11943
Loc: Wisconsin
He is afraid and is biting out of fear.

Try leaving him alone for a few days and just sit by the cage and talk to him.

Read this article: Building a Relationship with your Glider
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#1394371 - 09/22/15 04:41 PM Re: New Mom with a biter. [Re: Robin]
dinah505 Offline
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#1394373 - 09/22/15 07:19 PM Re: New Mom with a biter. [Re: Robin]
Robin Offline
New Member

Registered: 09/22/15
Posts: 8
Loc: NC
Thank You Candy. I'm going thru the sites and considering today to be a new beginning with them. Very happy to have found this forum and look forward to a wonderful lifetime with our new baby Sugar Gliders and in receiving some great information and tips with all the help here.

Thank you so much! <3 Robin

*New Family of 2 Wonderful Sugar Gliders.*


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