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#1398586 - 02/03/16 12:41 AM I think she's a he!
Takaia Offline
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Um so... I've had Miko for six years, and she has always hated the light so I never really got a close look at her except I could tell she didn't have a pom. She's been braver in the light since I got Pi, I think because she wants to meet him already. And tonight I noticed something... it looks like there's a little remnant of her... erm, his? pom like he was neutered pom-on before I got him. She came very un-tame, and even though I've had her this long, I've never really fully been able to tame her, though she's gotten better. I tried to flip her over and try to find a pouch, but with the second she gave me before she drew blood, I found nothing except that thing I think might be a pom!

Now what. I neutered Pi (and Luca! My goodness!) and went through his SM for nothing, and now I might have two guys. Two males can get along, right? Should I go to the vet and have them check if she's a he? I'm not sure they'd have any better luck with her, the amount she wiggles... I suppose it doesn't really matter, does it? If I look closer tomorrow when she's more sleepy, is the pouch at all obvious? Like, would I know there was a pouch just by looking? I don't see one.
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#1398589 - 02/03/16 04:45 AM Re: I think she's a he! [Re: Takaia]
Hutch Offline
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Oh, wow!

I can tell you on both of mine ladies, the pouch is fairly obvious when they're crawling on the side of the cage. It's a 1/3-ish inch vertical line in the fur about where a belly-button would be found.

What you may be able to try to get a better look is offer a treat through the bars. As s/he stops to sniff & take the treat, you should have enough time to get a decent look.
- Hutch

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#1398597 - 02/03/16 10:48 AM Re: I think she's a he! [Re: Hutch]
KarenE Offline

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Gliders Uncensored may help you determine what you have.

If indeed you have two neutered males, they should be fine together.
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