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10/16/17 10:05 AM

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#1400321 - 03/18/16 04:17 PM Learning to Glide
Temulin Offline
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My cat desperately wants to be a sugar glider. -__- She grew up loving fruit juice, yogurt, eggs, fruit/veg, granola, and toddler yogurt snacks because whenever Fevy gets a treat I have to give kitty one. Most recently I had to rearrange my room and clean out my spare, so I stuffed most of my things in the closet and left the door open (I can't open/close it because Fev's cage is in the way, so it either has to stay open or stay closed). Fevy loves to jump from his cage into the closet and go on adventures in my clothes jungle. I let him have his closet adventure time in the evening while I'm working on my computer and my kitty, Hari, likes to stare at whatever Fevy is doing.

Well, I came home one day to Hari sleeping on the top shelf of the closet in some sweatshirts. No clue how she got there. Fevy jumps from his cage and catches onto the hanging clothes, so obviously Hari doesn't have that option. There's no furniture near the closet, so she'd have to jump straight from the floor to the closet. She couldn't get down and started panicking so she sorta suicide leaped into my arms, then acted like it never happened. Today, I had Fevy in the living room while I was working on my laptop. I hear a ridiculously loud crash/bang in my room, walk in to find my clothes/hangers all over the floor and my cat trying desperately to pull herself onto the top shelf of the closet. I tried to rescue her, but she slipped off and fell in a box of clothes, then awkwardly started eating her food like nothing had happened. She managed to knock down an entire row of clothes. My theory is that she saw Fevy do it, so she assumed she could get to the top shelf by jumping into the clothes and flying to the top. :lol: Poor Hari... I don't have the heart to tell her cats can't fly.
"If we sliced today's tomatoes yesterday, they'd be yesterday's tomatoes."

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#1400326 - 03/18/16 07:45 PM Re: Learning to Glide [Re: Temulin]
Hutch Offline
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- Hutch

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10/16/17 05:32 PM
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10/16/17 05:20 PM
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10/14/17 06:20 PM
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10/14/17 01:53 PM
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10/13/17 08:23 PM
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