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#1401054 - 04/11/16 01:03 PM How do you house multiple gliders
Cathayvet Offline
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Registered: 12/30/15
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Loc: Louisiana
I see that many people have over 4 gliders. Do you have multiple cages? What if you wanted to keep 4-6 gliders together in a colony together? If i could not build a large pvc cage how about joining 3 cages together with tunnels? I have 2 wire cages and if the IP joeys survive i would get another large 30x30x60 cage. i hate to deprive them of each other's company. Would this suffice?
How do people keep large colonies?

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#1401058 - 04/11/16 06:11 PM Re: How do you house multiple gliders [Re: Cathayvet]
Terry Online   grin
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It would depend on the gliders if they can live together as a colony. I keep 3 in one cage, but the girls had one cage and my lone boy I homed almost 2 yrs later had his own cage until protocols were followed. In most cases if gliders are unknown to each other, there should be quarantine followed. Then after it's complete and all is okay, introduction procedures are to be followed. I recommend reading up on these.

In cases where quarantine is not necessary, preparation before introductions should still be followed. As for cages, combining is one way to create a larger space for quads or more. Some cages you can take sides or backs off and connect them. If you can, make sure all gaps are secured and closed so no escapes from the cage.

Good luck with your plans, don't forget to read up on procedures before combining your gliders.
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#1401071 - 04/12/16 02:14 AM Re: How do you house multiple gliders [Re: Cathayvet]
Hutch Offline
Glider Guardian

Registered: 11/10/15
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My four are in one colony & a good sized cage.
- Hutch

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#1401076 - 04/12/16 06:58 AM Re: How do you house multiple gliders [Re: Cathayvet]
BYK_Chainsaw Offline
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Registered: 09/05/15
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Loc: indiana
we started with 2 males, we got 2 females and after quarintine my wife had them all together in 7 days in same cage sleeping in one pouch.
Then we got 2 more females. These 2 were not as bonded to humans and skittish. I think this slowed things down, the first 2 females didnt like the 2 new ones, and the 2 new ones were skittish of the males. After about 3 failed introductions the wife got them all in smaller cage sleeping in hanging pouch all day. One female still had some issues, wouldnt sleep in pouch much. after 3 days sleeping together with no fighting we put them all in one BIG cage. for the last week its been happy gliders, sometimes sleeping all 6 in one sleeping pouch
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