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#1401655 - 05/02/16 05:25 PM New Forage Toy
Terry Offline
Glider Addict

Registered: 04/29/12
Posts: 4836
Loc: Maryland
It seems so long since I've been able to sit down and make a new toy for my amigos. I enjoy it, it's like therapy, lol.

Anyway, I picked up these little bath tub boats about a month ago with an idea to make a forage toy, and I finally got to it Sunday.

I'm a little disappointed in the bead work I did between the yellow and red boat on one side, you can see how it hangs lopsided frown I didn't realize it until the toy was complete, and didn't want to undo the whole thing. Also, I moved it to the lower portion of the cage, on same side.

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#1401662 - 05/02/16 08:50 PM Re: New Forage Toy [Re: Terry]
Ladymagyver Offline

Registered: 10/07/14
Posts: 1932
Loc: SW Missouri
Oh my how cool! I have 2 sets of those for the grand kids! I might have to borrow 3. They have plenty of other tub toys!

Neat idea Terry!

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#1401665 - 05/02/16 09:32 PM Re: New Forage Toy [Re: Terry]
GoPackSuggie Offline
New Member

Registered: 02/19/16
Posts: 4
Loc: Texas
Do you mind telling me you use to string up the beads? I made one for my girls with hard plastic shot glasses & beads to spell out their names with paracord. I wasn't sure what else to use.
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#1401669 - 05/03/16 10:29 AM Re: New Forage Toy [Re: GoPackSuggie]
Srlb Offline
Glideritis Anonymous

Registered: 10/30/03
Posts: 16733
Loc: St. Johns, Florida
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#1401673 - 05/03/16 02:54 PM Re: New Forage Toy [Re: Srlb]
Terry Offline
Glider Addict

Registered: 04/29/12
Posts: 4836
Loc: Maryland
Thank you Dawn grin I always find myself looking at things for toy making prospects, lol.

Yup, thanks Peggy, I use rexlace a lot making toys. I also used zip ties on this one, and on some others at times, usually as an anchore to tie rexlace to, lol.
Lives with:
1 God
1 dog, (Willow)
3 Sugies, (Ollie, Lulu, & Skadoosh)

#1402528 - 06/20/16 08:08 AM Re: New Forage Toy [Re: Terry]
hollypop Offline
In Pouch

Registered: 04/07/16
Posts: 28
Loc: Guelph, Ontario, Canada
Oh this is too funny, I came here looking for inspiration for making toys for my boys - I JUST bought these same boats this past weekend! I guess now I know how I'll hang them! cool

#1402532 - 06/20/16 02:16 PM Re: New Forage Toy [Re: hollypop]
Terry Offline
Glider Addict

Registered: 04/29/12
Posts: 4836
Loc: Maryland

My advice to you is to double check each layer of boat to make sure it hangs straight. I checked, but not doubled checked and mine turned out a little crooked, but it still works right.
Lives with:
1 God
1 dog, (Willow)
3 Sugies, (Ollie, Lulu, & Skadoosh)


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