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#1401769 - 05/10/16 10:50 PM Water bottles?
GryffindorGlider Offline
New Member

Registered: 05/02/16
Posts: 1
Loc: Minnesota, USA
Hi! Soon to be Sugar momma here and wondering on thoughts about water bottles in the cage? And what brands y'all like? Thanks for the help!

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#1401771 - 05/11/16 07:24 AM Re: Water bottles? [Re: GryffindorGlider]
Ladymagyver Offline

Registered: 10/07/14
Posts: 2547
Loc: SW Missouri
I don't use water bottles anymore I use water silos. I don't have to worry about the balls getting stuck or dirty. Walmart has one that I use that only comes in green. It's cheap to replace and easy to clean twice a week.

I am only one of a few that use these. So I can't help you with the brands others use.

When you get your new babies, we love to see pics!

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#1401775 - 05/11/16 09:56 AM Re: Water bottles? [Re: Ladymagyver]
KarenE Offline

Registered: 03/25/00
Posts: 41663
Loc: LittleRock, AR USA
I never had a problem with the water bottles with the ball although there have been posts over the years with people who did.

Here is a link to Amazon's search for small animal water dispensers

Only one for water silo

Bowls on the cage floor are not good as gliders are able to poop/pee in their water that way. Better to hang their water source.

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#1401782 - 05/11/16 01:35 PM Re: Water bottles? [Re: KarenE]
Terry Online   grin
Serious Glideritis

Registered: 04/29/12
Posts: 5234
Loc: Maryland
Never turned back after using a silo for the first time. I've been using them for a few years.

Petco or PetSmart I believe both sell these in store, or order online. I use the small, have them in blue, yellow, and green, not sure if any other colors are available.

[url=JW Pet Clean Water Silo][/url]

As already mentioned, easy to clean, easier than a bottle, no worries of getting stuck or failing, easy to refresh also. I've even served my gliders their CL Original, Plus, or Complete in them, but lately just using for water.
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#1401787 - 05/11/16 06:38 PM Re: Water bottles? [Re: KarenE]
LSinc Offline
Joey Member

Registered: 03/28/16
Posts: 106
Loc: United States
I have used water bottles with the ball for my house rabbits and never had a problem with them. I have two in the Suggies cage and haven't had any issues.

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#1401789 - 05/12/16 10:06 AM Re: Water bottles? [Re: GryffindorGlider]
Rebecca Offline
Joey Member

Registered: 06/18/15
Posts: 98
Loc: Dallas, TX
I use the glass water bottles. I also throw out the balls. I don't understand the point of that.
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#1401790 - 05/12/16 10:58 AM Re: Water bottles? [Re: GryffindorGlider]
CandyOtte Offline
Serious Glideritis

Registered: 09/03/08
Posts: 5138
Loc: Lutz Florida
I have used this Lix-it brand bottle for over 10 years for both birds and gliders. It hangs easily on a bracket attached to the cage bars.

Candy Otte
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#1401815 - 05/13/16 04:03 PM Re: Water bottles? [Re: GryffindorGlider]
sugargldr Offline
New Member

Registered: 05/13/16
Posts: 2
Loc: Reno, NV
I've had gliders since 1997. I've always had a water bottle available with clean water as well as a water dish. I like having the water dish for the rare occasion that the water bottle ball gets stuck and for them to use the water dish for cleaning. The water in the dish gets dirty quick as it gets contaminated with spilled food, toys that they drop in it, and their own bodily waste even though it's a covered water dish. The water bottle water is always fresh and doesn't get dirty or contaminated.
My name is Jamee, I'm a fully licensed USDA breeder here in Reno, NV since 1997. We craft, cook, and grow organic foods for our gliders. After 18+ years it's high time to share my experience with others. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.


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