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#1402021 - 05/23/16 10:30 PM Water Bottle
Corky Offline
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Hi everybody,
I got my new baby, Walt, on Saturday. Everything is going great, despite the fact he got loose tonight, except I can't get him to drink out of his water bottle. I keep giving him apples and tonight I put apple juice in with his water. What will be the next step if he still won't drink out of the bottle? Thanks in advance for all the great advice!

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#1402028 - 05/24/16 09:08 AM Re: Water Bottle [Re: Corky]
CandyOtte Offline
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Gliders actually drink very small amounts of water. Most of their fluid needs are met by eating the juicy fruits and vegetables offered with their dinner each night.

Your glider may be drinking from the bottle at night when you are not there to observe it. The amount may be so small that you cannot easily see the level go down in a large water bottle

You can also put a small dish of water in the cage to see if he prefers to drink that way.

Some owners prefer a water silo that has a small trough that fits between the cage bars for their gliders to drink from. These stay cleaner that a water dish.

If you put any type of juice in the water bottle it should be emptied and washed at least daily. The juice will be a good medium for bacteria growth with in 8 to 12 hours causing it to spoil.
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#1402030 - 05/24/16 09:35 AM Re: Water Bottle [Re: Corky]
Corky Offline
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Registered: 04/14/16
Posts: 11
Loc: TX, USA
Ok thank you! He went to it at least once when I was up last night. I have been making sure that he eats apples every night just in case. Whew, I feel better. I will definitely be cleaning his bottle out daily. I do not not plan to keep juice in it all the time. I just wanted to make sure he was drinking out of it.


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