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#1402046 - 05/25/16 09:10 AM Pro's and con's Male or Female
TexanTrail Offline
New Member

Registered: 05/25/16
Posts: 4
Loc: Kaufman, Texas
About to get a sugar glider joey. Haven't made up our mind on male or female. Not looking at breeding. Can I get some pro's and con's on the differences between male or females? Thanks!

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#1402048 - 05/25/16 09:28 AM Re: Pro's and con's Male or Female [Re: TexanTrail]
Feather Offline

Registered: 01/19/08
Posts: 12154
Loc: Wisconsin
I think both sexes are the same as far as being able to bond with them.

Females, you don't have to worry about little penis issues.

Males sometimes play (floss) with their penis to the point that it dries out and becomes necrotic. Then they need the necrotic tips amputated.

If it dies back to far they would have to be euthanized.
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#1402051 - 05/25/16 10:05 AM Re: Pro's and con's Male or Female [Re: Feather]
KarenE Offline

Registered: 03/25/00
Posts: 41379
Loc: LittleRock, AR USA

Feather is correct on all the possible male issues, plus when keeping an intact (unneutered) male, you will also have more issues with smell than you will with a female as they have a much heavier musk smell.

Some people do prefer one over the other, but I have not found one bonds easier or one is sweeter than the other.

Good luck in making your choice.
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#1402058 - 05/25/16 02:41 PM Re: Pro's and con's Male or Female [Re: TexanTrail]
CandyOtte Offline
Serious Glideritis

Registered: 09/03/08
Posts: 5138
Loc: Lutz Florida
About to get a sugar glider joey.

First - welcome to the forum. Read all you can before committing to being a glider parent for up to the next 15 years.

I hope you will consider getting TWO joeys together. A female and a neutered male would be a good option. You would have the joy of raising both genders and no need to worry about breeding issues.

Gliders are colony animals and really do need a companion of their own kind to share grooming, snuggle for warmth and comfort while sleeping and as a play mate at night when their humans will be soundly sleeping. Gliders especially need companionship at night when they are awake and active.

No matter how hard a human tries or how much time they can spend with a glider - we are not a good substitute for another glider companion.

Getting a second glider later as many folks initially plan to do can greatly increase the cost - a 2nd cage and entire set up will be required for a recommended 30 day quarantine period when you bring home a second glider - plus the time required after the quarantine to gradually introduce the two gliders.

Gliders can be very territorial as they mature and you cannot just bring home a companion for your first glider and put it immediately in the first glider's cage. The two gliders may fight - adding expensive vet bills for treatment of the wounds.

It is often easier to bond with 2 gliders because one may be shy and the other more confident in dealing with humans. They will learn from each other making bonding less stressful for both you and the gliders.
Candy Otte
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#1402061 - 05/25/16 03:57 PM Re: Pro's and con's Male or Female [Re: CandyOtte]
Terry Offline
Serious Glideritis

Registered: 04/29/12
Posts: 5072
Loc: Maryland
:agreed: On everything mentioned.

My personal preference would pretty much be as Feather suggested as per starting out. I figured it was less worry with females, so that is what I was looking for. I would have considered a neutered male/female pair as well, but mostly interested in the female pairs. I was a little concerned that males may have more issues.

So, especially if you're getting just one, I would consider a pair as Candy suggested as well. A female may be a lessor of concern, then if down the road you decide on getting a cage mate, it would be easier to just get another female, or if you want a neutered male.

Now, after having my two girls, already bonded together from joeyhood, I did end up homing a single, neutered male in need of a new home and some glider mates. I have not had any issues physically so far with him, and I love him as dearly as I love my girls.

Hope this helps.
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#1402066 - 05/25/16 05:28 PM Re: Pro's and con's Male or Female [Re: Terry]
LSinc Offline
Joey Member

Registered: 03/28/16
Posts: 106
Loc: United States

I recommend getting two. I have one of each. I got my female first and then 2 months later got a male Joey. He is neutered and the breeder didn't say anything about waiting 30 days. She had actually suggested I introduce them immediately. On the same token, my female had already been to the vet for a wellness checkup and the male had also been to the vet. I took him again within 72 hours after I got him. So they both had Giardia and both got treated for it.

Roo, my female, was an angry Joey. She would bite me and crab at me. She would bark at night and seemed very lonely. I decided to get a second Joey and in came Nigel. Nigel was hand raised from the time he left his mom's pouch. So I was able to hold him. Within a week, Roo had calmed down and I have been able to pet her, pick her up and play with both of them without getting bitten.

I can't say I prefer one over the other. Roo does tend to "mother" Nigel. Other than that, they are both pretty much the same temperment wise.

Good Luck!

Roo :grey:

Sir Nigel Thornberry :grey:
The only thing I fear in life is living without love.

#1402082 - 05/26/16 02:08 PM Re: Pro's and con's Male or Female [Re: TexanTrail]
TexanTrail Offline
New Member

Registered: 05/25/16
Posts: 4
Loc: Kaufman, Texas
Thanks for all the helpful info! I look forward to getting at least one, possibly 2 sugar gliders.


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