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#140312 - 08/31/06 11:10 AM Cricket Farm

The other day while my husband Marvin was sifting through our mealworm farms we were talking about crickets, lol. He asked if there were any posts here about raising crickets and I said there weren't any that I knew of.

So, anybody know anything about farming crickets? I have fed crickets to our gliders before and they were such a hoot to watch!

<img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/offtopic.gif" alt="" /> Hahaha, I guess I have an advantage of being hearing impaired so I don't have to listen to all the crickets chirping, lololol <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/roflmao.gif" alt="" />


#140313 - 08/31/06 11:29 AM Re: Cricket Farm [Re: ]

</font><blockquote><font class="small">Quote:</font><hr />
Hahaha, I guess I have an advantage of being hearing impaired so I don't have to listen to all the crickets chirping,

<hr /></blockquote><font class="post">
Where I used to live my roommates had lizards--most of which ate crickets. I couldn't stand the sound! That, and I'd find them everywhere! Nothing like being half awake in the morning and hopping in the shower with a cricket--ew.
As far as farming, I couldn't really help. One of the former roommates in question works at an aquarium/pet shop(family owned), and he said that they stink. Considering the smell of his bedroom with the lizards-ugh-I'd take his advice. So if you can deal with the noise, consider the smell and the frequency of escape.

#140314 - 08/31/06 11:38 AM Re: Cricket Farm [Re: ]
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#140315 - 08/31/06 11:52 AM Re: Cricket Farm [Re: ]

aproductof, we were going to keep the cricket farm in the shed along with our breeding mice, so the smell issue wouldn't be a problem.

dranger1108, thanks for the links. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/thumb.gif" alt="" />


#140316 - 08/31/06 02:44 PM Re: Cricket Farm [Re: ]

Can I hop on board this thread without getting into trouble? (I was going to start a thread, but this is related.)

I'm going to get crickets for the gliders, and just found out they come in different sizes (the crickets, not the gliders). They come in what they call "pinhead" size to 1" size. If there a preferred size (generally) that gliders would want their crickets to be?

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.

#140317 - 08/31/06 03:47 PM Re: Cricket Farm [Re: ]

Good question, Elmer!!!

We need all the info we can get about raising crickets!



#140318 - 08/31/06 05:35 PM Re: Cricket Farm [Re: ]

Pinhead crickets are only about 1/4" long and wouldn't even make a good snack for my girls. The ones I buy have a body lenth of about 3/4" and my girls looooove them. It takes a good 6 or 7 bites to eat them so I wouldn't go any smaller than that. I put mine in a cricket bucket that they can't escape out of. I don't like to handle the crickets so I just hold the bucket in front of one of the girls and they just lean over in the bucket and snatch one. Except Tinkerbell of course. She said the legs and antennae tickle her nose and she prefers that they be hand fed to her, backwards of course so no tickling. LOL We only keep 30-40 at a time in the bucket and they do smell so I agree that you need to keep them in the shed. I feed them Gutload and put cricket water(gel) in with them. They tend to commit suicide by drowning if you put real water in for them.

#140319 - 08/31/06 06:31 PM Re: Cricket Farm [Re: ]

That's great info, Suggiemama. Now I have another question: is cricket feeding something you have to do supervised? Because if not, don't the crickets go jumping all over the place?

This might gross some people out: but does anyone take off a wing or something so they don't take off?

#140320 - 08/31/06 08:03 PM Re: Cricket Farm [Re: ]

Elmer, you can feed your gliders in a bathtub with doors (or a shower), in a tent, or in a cricket bucket. I have fed ours in our tent and in the cricket bucket but haven't tried the bathtub yet. The gliders are such a hoot to watch, jumping all over the place, catching and eating their catch.

I suppose you could take a leg off so the crickets wouldn't jump around as much, but I would think that the crickets with pulled-off legs would seem dead to the gliders and the gliders would probably turn up their noses on them. I don't know, as I haven't tried that. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/nixweiss.gif" alt="" />


#140321 - 09/01/06 02:55 PM Re: Cricket Farm [Re: ]
Wildernest Offline
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Deal or alive, they'll eat them. Ever tried Can-o-Crickets? They stink also.


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