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#1403192 - 07/25/16 01:05 PM Hi, newbie here needing help with non toxic cages ***
DanaBelle88 Offline
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Loc: Ontario Canada
Hello everyone! I am excited to be part of this community and to gain more knowledge and seek helpful advice as I venture into the world of sugar gliders! I am in the process of completing adoption papers and am hoping that someone could offer some suggestions as to reputable sellers of non-toxic cages (preferably in Canada but not necessary). I was looking at for my pet rats however was wondering if it would be appropriate for gliders? I do believe that it was manufactured in China, is that an immediate red flag? I am finding a lot of conflicting information as to whether or not it's safe to use a bird cage or if I must have a sugar glider cage. I want to make sure that they will be in the safest possible environment so I appreciate your time, thank you! Sorry the post is so wordy!

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#1403193 - 07/25/16 01:55 PM Re: Hi, newbie here needing help with non toxic cages *** [Re: DanaBelle88]
Philwojo Offline
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I am not sure on the toxic vs. non-toxic part but I do know that you don't want the bar spacing to be any wider than 1/2 inch for a sugar glider cage.

A lot of people like the Critter Nation cages:

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#1403213 - 07/26/16 03:28 PM Re: Hi, newbie here needing help with non toxic cages *** [Re: DanaBelle88]
Feather Online   gc/lgc

Registered: 01/19/08
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Loc: Wisconsin
Basically any bird cage with the baked enamel finish is safe for gliders as long as it has 1/2 inch or smaller bar spacing.

I prefer the HQ cage sold by pet smart.
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#1403217 - 07/26/16 05:42 PM Re: Hi, newbie here needing help with non toxic cages *** [Re: Feather]
Terry Offline
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As for the measurements this cage would be adequate for sugar gliders, size is good, bar spacing is good also. I couldn't find where it said anything about the coating on the cage bars. It does mention that it is made of steel, but when I look up reviews on google on this cage, they all say it's wrought iron, I find this a little confusing. Also, the reviews I found, and I only read a few, said it was sturdy or fairly sturdy but difficult to assemble and recommended 2 people to assemble.

Now, if this is the cage that you find is easiest for you to get, it should be adequate, and I use the term adequate because I feel there will be issues with this cage, that although manageable, you could do better. One issue I see from photo alone is the doors, their size and they just don't have a secure appearance. Also, even though reviews mention on the "wrought iron" cage say it was sturdy, it doesn't appear as sturdy as some others available. But I do understand you are in Canada and that may be an issue having shipping costs.

I am hoping a fellow Canadian member will be on here and maybe shed some light on cages easily available.
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