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#1403931 - 09/01/16 10:55 PM HELP!!!

I just submitted a concern about my first time sugar glider mom and forgot to attach my email for a response.

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#1403932 - 09/01/16 10:58 PM HELP!!!

My first time suggie mom has given birth. I only noticed when I took her out of the cage and heard something fall to the floor. I thought it was poop but it was a pink embryo like baby moving around and kicking still even after the fall.

I quickly scooped it up and brought it against her stomach. I've read that they're the size of a grain of rice when first born but I can't say it was quite that small.

I'm so scared for it's life. I struggled about 15 min to help it inside her pouch but I have no clue if it will survive, if it will latch on, or if it was ever latched on to begin with.

Sadly, it's sibling didn't make it. We found a pinky baby in the cage pouch tiny tiny and hard dry.

I need to know if there is hope for this baby. If it's possible it hasn't latched on for the first time yet. I need to mentally prepare myself. What can happen?

#1403933 - 09/02/16 12:59 AM Re: HELP!!! [Re: Anonymous]
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I am sorry for your loss of the joey. There is a 50/50 chance for the fetus you tried to help.

Please take a moment to register so you can take full advantage of the forum.
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#1403940 - 09/02/16 01:11 PM Re: HELP!!! [Re: Feather]
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So sorry for the loss of one of the joeys and hoping the second one makes it to the pouch to attach.

As Feather mentioned, please take a few moments to register so you may update us once this thread is moved to the appropriate forum as well as being able to post throughout the board.

I will now move this thread to our Breeding & Babies forum. Hope to see you on the board as a registered member.
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#1404027 - 09/07/16 08:14 AM Re: HELP!!! [Re: Anonymous]
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Sadly, I had this happen once. Considering the distance the embryo fell to the floor, that's a seriously long hard fall. It's highly unlikely that it would survive after sustaining a fall like that. In my case, the joey did not survive. Hoping you have had a better result with yours.

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