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#1404666 - 10/14/16 12:59 AM Problems getting along
Sakuryu Offline
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Registered: 07/30/16
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Loc: Okeechobee, Florida
Hi, I'm having some trouble with trying to get two of my gliders to get along so they can be in the same cage.I got them from different homes. Momo came from the home of a college student where he was the only glider, his age and parentage are unknown but he seems fairly young but at least a couple of years. The second one Steve is older and came to me after his mate died. Steve has always been touchy wanting to grab at me or bite me but I figured putting him near Momo who I had gotten to climb on me and be comfortable would be calming. I've had them in the same room for months and about a month or more ago I put their cages close enough so that they could touch if they wanted.

At first they seemed fine chittering at each other, looking at each other and touching through the cage bars but recently Steve has been calling Momo over and reaching through the bars to do what seems like biting him. I can't quite see because I'm not in there but they're both close and steve is staying still while Momo is very loudly crabbing and twisting around. I've had to break up the fight twice and they've broken it up themselves a couple of times before. Tonight I had to reach in and grab for Steve to get him to stop and Momo walked away a bit funny grooming himself again and again. He even seemed a bit apprehensive and after trying to handle him he retreated into his pouch.

Is there anything to do or should I just keep them further apart? I have two other gliders in a separate cage across the room which I was intending to make one four glider colony once I got Momo neutered but I don't want anyone getting hurt or killed.

Sidenote Momo seems to call out to steve alot too, making this rapid clicking while lookign through the bars over at him.
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#1404668 - 10/14/16 07:16 AM Re: Problems getting along [Re: Sakuryu]
Ladymagyver Offline

Registered: 10/07/14
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Loc: SW Missouri
If there are contact issues, yes pull cages apart.

It might be better to swap pouches, blankies and cages before letting them touch so they can get used to each other's scent.

From what I understand about males unneutered, they will be a bit aggressive and try to show dominance. So untill his testosterone has gone away (about 2 weeks after procedure) there is a risk of fighting.

I have 2 females so I'm only parroting what I have read here about males.

Good luck and please ask any questions and keep us posted.

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#1404670 - 10/14/16 07:50 AM Re: Problems getting along [Re: Sakuryu]
Feather Offline

Registered: 01/19/08
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Loc: Wisconsin
Dawn is correct, with girls in the room a un-neutered male will fight with the neutered male.

Get the one neutered and then start trying introductions in a month after the neuter. It takes about that long for the body to get rid of all the testosterone.

Keep is posted,
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#1405321 - 11/16/16 09:42 PM Re: Problems getting along [Re: Sakuryu]
Sakuryu Offline
New Member

Registered: 07/30/16
Posts: 9
Loc: Okeechobee, Florida
Sorry I forgot to have this topic on watch! I'll look into the neutering, I have some extra money and I graduate soon so after everything calms down I can get that all done with. It's sad I can't put them together before then because they seem to get along before the neutered male just starts to go after the unneutered males feet :/
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