Hey guys... i recently lost both my gliders within a couple months span... One had kidney problems the other died of what Im assuming was a broken heart(she cried at night for a month and didn't eat much anymore). Needless to say I've been completely broken inside...

Im contacting other glider family's/owners that are in IL like myself because i live in Chicago and wanna get rid of my glider things, including

a Tall cage (2 wheels have come off the bottom but can be replaced with right tools, i just kept them propped um with books) (paid 200 for)

a bunch of random pouches


stealth wheel with its tools that was never used.

BML diet stuff like the vitamin powders and whatever else is left over.

i will include a pic to give u the idea of the cage.

Basically i would love for someone interested in having an extra giant cage plus a few extras that live in my state whos down to maybe come get the stuff...

Was thinking take everything for 60 bucks?

I also have a really nice barely used second cage like 3 feet tall, i used it a a travel cage. i will add pics of it later or i cant send u sum... this cage is a 50

take both cages an extras for 100

my email is star_passion86@sbcglobal.net email for extra pics or locations...