We have made the difficult decision to downsize our breeding program. We will be keeping just a few pairs to allow us to give more individual time to both joeys and customers. Listed below are all of the gliders we have available at this time.
Pairs can be sold as breeders or the males can be neutered for pet only pairs. Details are listed with each pair and a photo album is linked
Perfect homes are my main priority so prices are negotiable.
If pairs have unsold joeys you have the option of purchasing the joeys as well, gliders with joeys oop will not be able to go home until the joeys are weaned or at least 4 weeks oop (if the joeys are going with them).
Shipping is available but keep in mind we will have to work around the weather. Payment plans are welcome but gliders must be paid in full before they leave.
All gliders have lineage in TPG under their names followed by ~SunsetSuggies~. Videos are available by request. Serious inquiries only, please. Thanks!

Breeding or Pet Pair
Orion-Male-Leucistic 25% Crème-ino Het-OOP: 07/10/2013
Celeste-Female-Mosaic 100% Crème-ino Het, 50% Platinum Het-OOP: 09/10/2015
$750 breeding or $500 pet

Breeding or Pet Pair
Tyler-Male-Platinum 100% Leucistic Het-OOP: 10/02/2011
Trinity-Female-Mosaic-OOP: 10/14/2013
$650 breeding or $500 pet

Breeding or Pet Pair
Aro-Male-True Platinum Mosaic 100% Leucistic Het-OOP: 11/17/2012
Serenity-Female-Platinum 100% Leucistic Het-OOP: 09/18/2012
$700 breeding or $500 pet

Breeding or Pet Pair
Spirit-Male-Leucistic-OOP: 12/25/2015
Shirayuki-Female-True Platinum Mosaic 100% Leucistic Het 50% Crème-ino Het-OOP: 10/25/2015
$1200 breeding or $700 pet

Pet or Breeding Pair
Snickers-Male-Mosaic 100% Crème-ino Het-OOP: 10/25/2012
Mercedes-Female-Crème-ino 100% Leucistic Het (Proven)-OOP: 09/12/2012
$650 breeding or $500 pet

Pet or Breeding Pair
Kirito-Mosaic 100% Crème-ino Het 100% Platinum Het-OOP: 09/02/2015
Raven-Black Beauty 100% Crème-ino Het-OOP: 11/15/2013
$800 breeding or $500 pet

Pet Pair
*female has scars from a mating wound and cannot be bred*
Twilight-Female-Progressive Pied Mosaic-OOP: 05/31/2013
Edward-Neutered Male-Platinum-OOP: 10/18/2016
$350 pet

Magic-Neutered-Platinum-OOP: 08/23/2016 $350
Mystery-Female-Leucistic-OOP: 08/23/2016 $475
Abigail-Mosaic 66% Crème-ino Het 50% Platinum Het-OOP: 09/15/2016 $475
My Sugar Babies~
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Mercedes, Snickers, Tyler, Trinity, Sunset, Twilight, Orion, Aro, Serenity, Phoenix, Raven, Brynlee, and Tobias!