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#1405884 - 12/20/16 02:35 PM Reversed problem - update
OzzySugarGlider Offline
In Pouch

Registered: 12/16/16
Posts: 24
Loc: Denmark
Hi guys
I got my glider yesterday and since it went so well the first evening I thought I would try tent time in my bathroom today.
Well she's been doing surprisingly good and we have been sitting here for a little over three hours just talking, bonding and eating small sugar glider friendly snacks (oats, carrots, chicken etc).
But I kind of have a problem...Although it's definitely a very luxurious problem when I've only known her for a day tounge
I need to go out and do stuff around the house, so I thought I would just offer her sleeping pouch and some treats to go back in, but she just won't go anywhere but on my shoulder under my hair. I have tried to lure her out and it sort of works, but every time she's on my arm or hand and I take out the sleeping pouch, she goes right back into my hair. And I have to add, she LOVES her sleeping pouch!
I haven't glider proofed too much yet, so I'm a little afraid that if I start walking around the house with her that she would try to jump somewhere were it's not that safe yet...
What to do??

Well I ended up getting her in the sleeping pouch, but I hadn't really expected how I would get her in. I tried so many things, but the thing that seems to do the trick was luring her out with oats and petting her on her cheeks and chin till she was so relaxed that I could gently scoop her into the sleeping pouch and keep petting her till she was safely in the cage wink

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#1405890 - 12/20/16 04:23 PM Re: Reversed problem - update [Re: OzzySugarGlider]
Philwojo Offline
Tech Support

Registered: 04/14/15
Posts: 677
Loc: Darien, IL
I would try and save this bonding time for a glider safe space, for the very reason you stated. If she had jumped you could be in a bad situation. A bathroom or a pop-up tent are good options.

If you do the bathroom make sure the lid is down on the toilet and that all holes are plugged up, like pipes going in to a wall and spaces like that.

She felt safe under your hair and on you, so getting her off will be hard, even when bonded it can be difficult. So, best to be in a safe place until you know you can trust her more. It will take time, sounds like it is going great, but don't rush it along, take it slow.

The way you handled it sounds like it worked great, but keep in mind it might not always work.

Best of luck and post away we are all here to help and we all learn from one another.

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#1405893 - 12/20/16 06:29 PM Re: Reversed problem - update [Re: OzzySugarGlider]
OzzySugarGlider Offline
In Pouch

Registered: 12/16/16
Posts: 24
Loc: Denmark
haha, don't worry Phil, the bathroom was more than glider safe! wink

just wouldn't feel too good yet to walk around with her in the living room, even if that room had been glider proofed, I need to know her a bit better (and of course get that room completely checked through)

How do you get your gliders in their cage?

#1405905 - 12/21/16 06:00 AM Re: Reversed problem - update [Re: OzzySugarGlider]
Ladymagyver Offline
Glider Slave

Registered: 10/07/14
Posts: 1390
Loc: SW Missouri
She doesn'twant to leave you or your smell.

For the bonding pouch, turn unside out and sleep with it under your pillow. Rub it on your neck where she likes to stay. She will go in if she smells you. A treat may work then too.

Mine are bonded, but I wear a special glider stink hoodie when they want to stay with me.

During the day, they sleep and groom, and have no intrest in the outside world. The hoodie does needs to "hang" deep.Or pull on the strings so they have folds over them to hide in.

After a few hours, I just take it off and fold and place in the bottom of their cage. They usually stay in there till it's dinnertime.

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