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#1407334 - 02/15/17 01:03 PM How can I introduce Gliders together
Cricket Offline
In Pouch

Registered: 06/10/16
Posts: 29
Loc: Loving Earth :)
I have 2 gliders Since 8 weeks old, after 3 months I introduced them slowly and they are housed together. They get along but once in awhile a small spat in the sleeping pouch.

Clover is outgoing, extremely alert and won't take a treat if you give miah one first ( unsure if they get jealous but she acts like it) she don't jump on you when cage door is opened .Miah is quiet calm when open the cage door every time she jumps on everyone. She is bigger then clover. At times she acts scared I think ( new to sugar gliders) she will sit quiet in cage and move slow like a sloth inch by inch while clover stares at her. ( but there not arguing when she does this )

I tthought a 3rd glider would be good for them so miah would maybe act and be more outgoing in the cage, and if she is unhappy with clover , I am hoping miah will get along with the new glider. Is it normal to act like a sloth sometimes and how do you know they are happy living together?

I wouldn't want to be housed with someone I don't like and I want to make sure there all happy together. They both rarely spat and it's just noise no hitting the other and they both eat good. will one glider be the dominate one ? Even though there all girls ?

Clover does the S tail and give me mean looks when I hold miah. Can gliders be Extremly jealouse ? How can I get clover to not S tail me ? Clover was the one I would be the only one who could hold her for months now she gets along with everyone.

The new glider is 12 weeks old now and ( I been out of town 2 weeks and got. Glider ) when I get home with the new glider I have a separate cage to put her in but should I keep her in my room a few days since I been gone 2 weeeks and give the others more time before I let them know there is a new glider baby in the house ?

Should I put the cage next to theirs ( not close enough to touch each other I know ) or keep her in another room ? I know about swapping sleeping pouches for a month or two ( clover and miah maybe because they were younger got along great didn't need to do the sleeping bag swapping with them)

They new baby girl is 12 weeks old she is totally different then they were she is friendly and only crabed for 2 days at me never bites. She is so relaxed when pet her, I am worried now because she is extremly sweet and mellow and loveable the others will beat her up when housed together later on .

How should I get them used to her so they eventually can be housed together ?
Also since the baby don't run from me at all and she loves to be held and petted and belly rubs. She still won't jump on me when I open cage door . How can I get her to fully bond if she isn't now ?

Sorry it is so long . Thank you
~Best Blessings ~

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#1407335 - 02/15/17 03:09 PM Re: How can I introduce Gliders together [Re: Cricket]
Ladymagyver Offline
Glider Slave

Registered: 10/07/14
Posts: 1516
Loc: SW Missouri
sounds typical of the first two girls. Yes there is a pecking order. That's when personalities rise to the top. And about the time you get used to this, it may change. Since they have monthly menses, their aditude may change for a few days.

They will always grumble a a bit in the pouch especially if somebody's butt is in their face or their face is in somebody's butt. There is also "prime real estate inside the sleeping pouch( bottom of the pile), and they could be struggling to keep it. (Not an issue, it's just what they do). Also one may be in the mood to groom and the other one doesn't want it.

Having your new glider in the room with your girls is fine. If you have already started bonding well with her, that's great!

I haven't witnessed jealousy with my girls. Dot prefers to stay in her cage unless it's treat time and Fiona likes to hang out with me all day. Fiona wants her treats like a princess in her bed. She will not come out for treats. (That's probably my fault... Lol!)

It could be a scent from your hands she is trying to rub off. Not sure.

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#1407361 - 02/17/17 12:37 AM Re: How can I introduce Gliders together [Re: Cricket]
steampunk101 Offline
New Member

Registered: 02/17/17
Posts: 4
Loc: Georgia
put your new sugar glider in a separate small cage and put that small cage in the big cage.
leave the sugar glider in the cage for three days or so till they start to get along and let the sugar glider out with its new family.
If they still aren't getting along then leave the sugar glider in the small cage for a few more days then try again.

~ When i got two sugar gliders to add to my colony i did this and it worked like a charm.

#1407373 - 02/17/17 01:46 PM Re: How can I introduce Gliders together [Re: Cricket]
Feather Offline

Registered: 01/19/08
Posts: 11640
Loc: Wisconsin
Have you done pouch swapping? I would start there.

When you get to the introduction stage introduce the new glider to the nice glider first. Then to the more aggressive glider.

If the aggressive glider causes problems let him or her live alone for a week or so and try again. It is amazing how amicable they become after a week or two alone.
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#1407464 - 02/23/17 02:21 PM Re: How can I introduce Gliders together [Re: Cricket]
Cricket Offline
In Pouch

Registered: 06/10/16
Posts: 29
Loc: Loving Earth :)
Thank you everyone for your reply, I am really glad to be able to post questions here and have great advice , thank you again it's helped me along my journey with my sugar bears
~Best Blessings ~


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