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Our WHEELS include
• The Titan Wheel exhibits a bulkier look and feel, which is where the new name was derived. Constructed with a sturdier plastic and features a more rounded appearance. Available in several colors.
• The Apollo Wheel is the original "Fast-Track" wheel. Color selection is limited and/or only Black. Once the current color stock is depleted, we will only carry black for US sales, International Retailers/Wholesalers will be able to offer a few colors to their customers.
• The Voyager Wheel is for use when traveling, in a hospital cage or when you just can't fit a large wheel in the cage.

The TREADMILL: Why would you want one? Maybe your suggie is unable to use a wheel or just doesn't want to. Hopefully the treadmill will provide some of that missed exercise! A Treadmill can be used . . . Everywhere! Put it in the cage and leave it just like the wheel, use it for tent time and it will fit in most travel cages too! As of late Feb. 2017, The treadmill features a newly designed stand!

The RUN-A-BOUT is the only safe roller for use on the floor. The concept was designed by wanting to find a safe toy that could be used like the hamster wheel. You will love watching your pet running across the floor, stop, turn and make it go in a different direction. This is one toy that is sure to bring hours of entertainment and laughs!

Be sure to check out our Carriers, Purses & Totes, Glide-ariums™, ER CareKits and Supplies.

Want to place an order but can't afford to pay all at once? We now offer LAYAWAY!

You can also take advantage of the Gift Registry and Wish List - what better way to let everyone know "exactly" which products and in what colors you would like to have. Perfect for use within the SWAPS!
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