What exactly is a Glide-arium

Glide-ariums™ are a permanent cage alternative and make excellent travel cages because of the ease with tear down and set-up!

Glide-arium™ Mesh Enclosures are made of sturdy vinyl coated polyester. At this time, each is made when the order is received and the frame is made to fit your particular Glide-arium™.

Want to place an order but can't afford to pay all at once? We now offer LAYAWAY!

You can also take advantage of the Gift Registry and Wish List - what better way to let everyone know "exactly" which products and in what colors you would like to have. Perfect for use within the SWAPS!

Available Sizes:
  • Travel Carriers
  • Cube: Hospital/rejected joey, NOT for overnight/extended use
  • Emergency: Hospital/rejected joey
  • Cottage: pair/travel
  • Villa: Pair/Trio/Quad
  • Chateau: Pair up to a Large Colony
WARNING: These are not safe to use with heat bulbs

We were recently asked if "chewers" would be able to chew through the material. This material is quite strong but I cannot guarantee it will not be able to be chewed through. Each pet is as individual as children so through amazement and wonder we will always find one that we say, "Now how in the world did you do that!" We personally had a dog that continuously tried to get the glider's food from the floor of the Glide-arium™ (where it landed near the front) and believe me, she tried A LOT but was never able to chew through.
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