I have changed my sugar gliders diet and have left over ingredients and vitamins to prepare the BML staple diet.

I hate wasting things and would really like someone who can use this for their gliders to get it. This is a great lot for anyone feeding their gliders the BML diet.

All items have been stored together in a sealed plastic tub since opening.

Lot includes...

1- Gerber Baby Cereal... Banana Apple Flavored (I have used about 1/4 cup from the bottle, it's nearly full. This costs apx. $3 new) Exp. Oct 2017
4- 2 1/2 oz Gerber Chicken and Gravy Baby Food Jars. (All sealed. These would cost apx. $3.50 in stores) Exp. Aug. 2018
1- Rep-Cal Herptivite Multivitamin (I have used maybe 6-8 tsp used. There's a lot left in the jar to make many more batches. This costs apx. $9 new.) Exp. Dec 2018
1- Rep-Cal Phosphorus-Free Calcium with Vitamin D3 (I have used apx. 12-18 tsps. Still quite a bit left for many batches. This costs apx. $11 new.) Exp. Mar 2018
1- Gerber 4 fl oz. Banana Yogurt Fruit Juice Blend. Unopened. A 4 pack is apx. $5 in stores)
1- Partially used bag of Wheat Germ (I would estimate there's a little over 1 cup left, that's enough for at least 4 BML batches.) Best By Apr. 23, 2017

Send me a private message and make me an offer for these items. I'd estimate that it would cost around $8 to ship. I can send you a paypal invoice to complete payment.

Please note: These items are only part of the ingredients needed to make the entire recipe. You will need to add egg, honey, and juice to complete the BML recipe. I would estimate there's appropriately $25-$30 left in these ingredients.

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