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#1407838 - 03/14/17 01:33 AM Good, affordable vet that neuters near Tristate Area? (I'm located in NJ)
GlideIntoTheDMs Offline
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Registered: 03/14/17
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Loc: New Jersey
I recently adopted a sweet boy. Not sure how old he is, but he's definitely mature with his scent glands, and is not neutered. I have two beautiful girls, and the three of them got along great right away and play together during tent time, but I have to keep the girls and the boy in separate cages next to each other because he is not neutered. Anyway, they interact with each other through the sides of their cage and clearly want to be together. I want to be able to keep them together, so I've been looking for a good vet thats affordable, so far the cheapest I've come across is 250 dollars from a reputable vet 3 hours away in Maryland. Does anyone know of any good vets in or near New Jersey that have a good price for neutering a sugar glider? I am located in Central Jersey, and am willing to travel out of state, but no farther than 2-3 hours away.

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#1407840 - 03/14/17 05:22 AM Re: Good, affordable vet that neuters near Tristate Area? (I'm located in NJ) [Re: GlideIntoTheDMs]
Hutch Offline
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If you look in your post, you'll see the word 'vet' has been transformed in to a link. Check-out the list that it leads to, maybe one is there for you.
- Hutch

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#1407842 - 03/14/17 05:47 AM Re: Good, affordable vet that neuters near Tristate Area? (I'm located in NJ) [Re: GlideIntoTheDMs]
(aka - ComradeFluffyPants)
Glider Lover

Registered: 12/28/15
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Loc: Currently AZ
Hey welcome to the boards! I have had some recent neutering experience that might help you.

200 to 250 is a pretty standard price for a neuter.

Finding a hospital that will work with suggies is a little challenging. Finding one that knows what they are doing is a little more challenging.

If you call a vet, and you hear the girl call over her shoulder asking, "Does anyone know what a sugar glider is?" Move on.

The Best way I have found so far, is to just start calling hospitals. Ask the HOSPITALS for references for other docs who do exotics.
Then bounce from doctor to doctor on the phone.

Ask for the doctor by name when you call.

The trick is--these doctors know *each other* Even if the rest of the hospital staff doesn't--and if you make them reference each other you should come up with a vet that can do it.

You may have to drive, but NJ is a big populated area. Maybe you can find something closer to home.

Hope that helps some!
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