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#1409064 - 04/16/17 05:04 PM Pet sitters in my area?
FunInTheSun Offline
New Member

Registered: 04/16/17
Posts: 10
Loc: Kansas, US
Does anyone happen to know of a pet sitter company or person who has experience with sugar gliders in the Kansas City area? I'm leaving town for a wedding and want to leave my gliders with someone who is comfortable with caring for them, but I'm having a lot of trouble finding someone willing to watch them because everyone I've found isn't familiar with them at all!

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#1409066 - 04/16/17 08:09 PM Re: Pet sitters in my area? [Re: FunInTheSun]
Feather Offline

Registered: 01/19/08
Posts: 12301
Loc: Wisconsin
I make up their plates of food ahead of time and label them as to what cage they go in, I have a sitter twice a week because of my work, she comes in and removes the plates at around 3:30 and puts the new ones in before they wake up.

I do the same for vacations. If your only gone a couple days this will work for you. Contact your local 4H office to get a list of local leaders who will find you a responsible teenager.
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#1409069 - 04/16/17 11:58 PM Re: Pet sitters in my area? [Re: FunInTheSun]
HieronymusBunch Offline
New Member

Registered: 04/16/17
Posts: 2
Loc: Iowa
Did you find someone to help out? When is the date you need a sitter? I actually live in Des Moines (3hrs north) but will be making a trip down soon.

#1409112 - 04/18/17 11:20 PM Re: Pet sitters in my area? [Re: HieronymusBunch]
FunInTheSun Offline
New Member

Registered: 04/16/17
Posts: 10
Loc: Kansas, US
I didn't find anyone yet but have a couple numbers a local veterinary clinic gave me. They haven't gotten back to me yet, though. That's funny you live in Iowa, I lived in Ames for 10 years! I went to school there and then just stayed a little longer because I got comfortable. When will you be in town?

#1409721 - 05/09/17 12:24 PM Re: Pet sitters in my area? [Re: FunInTheSun]
HieronymusBunch Offline
New Member

Registered: 04/16/17
Posts: 2
Loc: Iowa
Sorry for the late reply! I'm new at this site and believe this, couldn't figure out where I posted lol. I finally found you!

We came down to the KC area last weekend. I do make trips down to see my family pretty often. I bring my gliders with me and put them in a pop up dog tent. I have 2 females and a male that I'm currently breeding. I love how they all have their own personalities! So much fun!

I've lived in Des Moines for 12 years now. I like it but the winters are yucky and dreary.

Do you know when you will need a sitter, I can always make plans to come down or meet you halfway.

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