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#1409275 - 04/24/17 05:23 AM 4 week process I don't want to mess it up -suggestions -
SugarBearMomma Offline
New Member

Registered: 04/01/17
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Loc: USA
bonding a new addition to my family a 8 week old standard
The easiest bonding time between 8-12 weeks I heard is easiest sometimes.
I don't want to mess it all up during that time frame, unsure name but calling her Cammy for now.

Beginning moments :
From the first moment I held her she didn't crab at all and she looks like she is going to be a bra baby because she stayed there the whole time, she was awake at times and let me even pet her, then this morning I startled her and she crabed but recognized me and imedietly stoped.

Her attitude:
She lets me put my hand in her sleeping pouch and pick her up and she don't run or crab or bite me, but she has nipped me 3x but not hard at all.

I read somewhere to leave them alone in there cage except feeding Ect and talking to them the first 3 days. But since she automatically let me hold her and wasn't fussing at all and she cuddled all day today and didn't want out of my bra and when I took her out to hold her she ran up me and in my bra.

1. I am worried if I put her in the cage for those 3 days that I would lose the progress she is making with me and once today when I opened the cage she crawled out onto my hand what should I do ???

2. Should she bond with me first before I start the introduction to my other gliders?
I don't want her to be overwhelmed and start being scared

3. If she gets along great with them should I go ahead and put her with them ?
I read when there sleepy is the best time

4.,my other baby glider I got few weeks ago still crabs 80% of the time, I carry her in pouch with me and talk to her and am patient with her and I tried not getting her out of the cage for 2 days thinking it would help but there is a little progress. does anyone have any advice ?

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#1409276 - 04/24/17 05:54 AM Re: 4 week process I don't want to mess it up -suggestions - [Re: SugarBearMomma]
Ladymagyver Offline

Registered: 10/07/14
Posts: 1836
Loc: SW Missouri
I would continue the bonding and not wait 3 days if you guys are hitting it off well.

I would also wait on intros between them.

Every glider is unique, so you may have to be patient with your first one.

Yes, intros are best done in the morning.

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#1409317 - 04/24/17 06:46 PM Re: 4 week process I don't want to mess it up -suggestions - [Re: SugarBearMomma]
1daddyglider1 Offline
Glider Guardian

Registered: 09/20/06
Posts: 767
Loc: Lecanto Florida
Go with the flow As long as Cammy is comfortable and moving ahead in bonding and not backwards and scared, keep going and doing what you are doing and handle her and pet, have hands around as much as you can, plus carry her.

As for the "baby glider" do what you did with Cammy. Start by using sleeping pouch, sitting, have hand on her from outside sleeping pouch. Then progress to inside pouch, then up to your chest. That would be my suggestion. Have fun and enjoy them.

#1409364 - 04/28/17 01:22 AM Re: 4 week process I don't want to mess it up -suggestions - [Re: SugarBearMomma]
SugarBearMomma Offline
New Member

Registered: 04/01/17
Posts: 11
Loc: USA
Thank you a great bunch I will definitely do that,


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