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Travel/side cage
by Terry
11:02 PM
May Photo of the Month Winner
by Ladymagyver
08:56 PM
Have A Happy & Safe Holiday Weekend
by KarenE
06:10 PM
They loved me, now they hate me :(
by Glamper
06:06 PM
growth spurts = more food?
by Glamper
06:02 PM
Cage sets ready to go
by Ladymagyver
05:57 PM
On the right track?
by Alan
01:05 PM
Toys! Toys! Toys!!!
by Lynsie
11:36 AM
Coconut hut suggestions
by KarenE
10:51 AM
Another Birthday!
by KarenE
09:42 AM

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#1409624 - 05/07/17 10:15 AM The MonkeyCliner™
DCMuffin Offline
Glideritis Anonymous

Registered: 03/21/10
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Loc: Washington D.C. Metro Area
Goodness, it's been a long time but I'm back!!! :hdance: And so is the MonkeyCliner™!

**The MonkeyCliner™ is a GREAT space for your glider to lounge while eating their dinner or their favorite snack. :pop:

**Pouch protective glider(s)? MonkeyCliners™ allow your glider to rest comfortably, yet see their surroundings at a moment's notice, helping to eliminate some of the uneasiness and fear of the unknown. sleep

**Need help bonding with your glider(s)? Rather than opening a pouch, only to look down upon your glider, or stick a hand in above their head, use the MonkeyCliner™ as your aid! With your glider sitting inside the MonkeyCliner™, you are able to offer a treat directly in front of them. A useful tool as you learn to love one another. heart

**It's a fantastic place for them to hang out while they groom and get themselves all cleaned up for their night out! :party2:

**Injured glider in an e-collar? This is the alternative to a regular pouch. Your glider can easily move in and out, they can rest comfortably and their e-collar will not get caught. :dizzy:

Get your MonkeyCliner™ (and more), now at
The Jumpin' Monkey

Aimee & The Monkeys


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#1409657 - 05/07/17 04:16 PM Re: The MonkeyCliner™ [Re: DCMuffin]
Terry Online   grin
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So glad to see you back! grin
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Have A Happy & Safe Holiday Weekend
by KarenE
06:10 PM
Travel/side cage
by Alan
01:09 PM
May Photo of the Month Winner
by KarenE
01:00 PM
Coconut hut suggestions
by kidqwik
10:03 AM
Another Birthday!
by Feather
05/25/17 10:30 PM
Seeking Advice
by TiffanyxSTI
05/24/17 09:37 PM
On the right track?
by Alan
05/24/17 01:56 PM
Skunk smell for female?
by kidqwik
05/24/17 12:50 PM
May Photo of the Month Contest Poll
by KarenE
05/23/17 01:36 PM
They loved me, now they hate me :(
by Glamper
05/23/17 01:19 PM
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