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#1410240 - 06/05/17 07:05 AM Bra babies?
Sally53 Offline
New Member

Registered: 05/31/17
Posts: 11
Loc: Colorado Springs, CO
Please forgive me if this turns into TMI.
Where does one carry a sugar glider in their bra?

Jinks :grey: Primrose :wfb:

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#1410242 - 06/05/17 07:46 AM Re: Bra babies? [Re: Sally53]
Ladymagyver Online   content

Registered: 10/07/14
Posts: 1737
Loc: SW Missouri
There are different ways. Fiona likes to crawl in the middle right under my girls. I am pretty big, but there is a small void there.

Other laadies wear a bra then a size up sports bra over that.

Also a tank top with built in bra.

Some also hook a bra pouch on the outside, but under the shirt.

It depends on your size.

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#1410246 - 06/05/17 08:08 AM Re: Bra babies? [Re: Sally53]
Ilovemyweeones Offline
Out of Pouch

Registered: 05/25/16
Posts: 62
Loc: Maple Ridge BC Canada
My girls are less endowed. What has worked great for me is wearing a tank top over my bra. The kind with the light cotton shelf/bra built in. It ensures they don't fall through when placed between. As I am known to have up to 3 hidden in there at a time the favourite spots to settle in is right in the middle or they will pick a side and slide in under the booby embrella. The family is now trained never to hug me too hard as it is likely I have my babies in there. Good luck. Just go for it. Your little ones will surely find a spot of preference.

#1410247 - 06/05/17 09:13 AM Re: Bra babies? [Re: Sally53]
josefine Offline
Glider Addict

Registered: 08/17/08
Posts: 2695
Loc: Perry, Iowa
way back when I had bra babies, I found a bra online from Playtex that has a slit on the inside of center side. It is an 18 hr, full support lace bra. the item # is 4088.
I guess these were special made for women who needed falsies?
I had several over the years that never wanted to leave. The only time one would come out is when they would need to go potty.
The 3 we have now, didn't like the bra, so I had to quit using them. they just want their pouches to be carried in.
Maybe I should try again, now that our gliders are older, & so much more used too us, we've had a complete open room for them now for at least 5+ yrs. One of them just might become a bra babie. I do miss my little ones that were. We were so well bonded.
the ones you loved the most will always be the first in your memory and heart.
Larry & Josefine Vodenik
2014 4 St

#1410256 - 06/05/17 11:04 PM Re: Bra babies? [Re: Sally53]
Feather Offline

Registered: 01/19/08
Posts: 11820
Loc: Wisconsin
Tucker liked the middle between the tatas, he even learned how to undo a few hooks on the front closure to give his fat but more room.

Gizmo, Zoey and Widget wanted to be smooshed between the cup and the tata. Silly girls.
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Forever in my heart, Gizmo, Tucker and the rest of my babies over the :rbridge:

#1410281 - 06/08/17 04:45 AM Re: Bra babies? [Re: Sally53]
Jen_faith Offline
New Member

Registered: 05/07/17
Posts: 5
Loc: Georgia
My Glider, Gunner, decided to hide down my shirt only if I am wearing a tank top with a shelf bra built in. Navi started going down when she saw Gunner was there, before that she wouldn't think of it. Navi likes to be smack dab in the middle of my girls. Gunner likes tighter spots, usually in the under boob area.

:agreed: I feel like my connection with my Gliders became much stronger when they felt safe and secure so close to my heartbeat. My baby, Suge Night(rip), was the first to ever start sleeping there. When Gunner started to nap there, it really warmed my heart.
Momma to Cami
Slave to Navi :plat:
& Gunner:leu:
RIP Suge Night :plat:


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