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#1410441 - 06/21/17 11:50 AM Size/Shape of Feces?
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Hi everyone,
I've posted a new topic to further attempt to trouble shoot what's going on with my little guy. I have been seeing a vet and we are trying to figure this out, but the clear urinalysis and fecal has us puzzled. I observed him straining a good bit today in his pouch. After inspecting the fleece, he passed several larger stools. They weren't hard but we're more round than oblong in shape, a couple about the size of my smallest finger nail. He did pass this about 10 AM, so after sleeping a few hours.
Should glider feces be oblong most of the time? Is this an indication of constipation, or more normal if they have been sleeping and then try to relieve themselves...maybe his feces are more "backed up"?
I have also observed that his feces can be larger and more rounded after eating meal worms in the morning (he did not have mealies this AM, however)...Maybe he's having issues with protein and/or fatty foods? He is on the BML diet. worried
Thanks much!

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#1410459 - 06/21/17 08:14 PM Re: Size/Shape of Feces? [Re: GliderLuvr]
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Check my reply on your other posts.
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