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#1410495 - 06/23/17 11:41 AM Grooming their joey pouches alot
kidqwik Offline
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Hey Everyone,

Kara was barking the other night and was also barking today for a bit this morning. I noticed she was grooming her pouch a lot while on the side of the cage. When I took them out for tent time a little while ago, Lilo was also licking her pouch. I checked and her pouch looks wet. I checked Kara's also and the same thing. They're both sisters and I've had them since February when they were about 7 OP. They seem healthy otherwise, running around the cage, wheel, eating, peeing and poopin and happy as usual. They're not licking where they go to the bathroom from, just the pouch slit. The two other younger ones aren't doing this. All four are girls. Is this because they are maturing and it's "their time of the month"?

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#1410500 - 06/23/17 04:53 PM Re: Grooming their joey pouches alot [Re: kidqwik]
Feather Offline

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They really don't have a time of the month, they may be in heat. I would say that now because they are older they are cleaning better.

You don't have any males do you?
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#1410502 - 06/23/17 05:28 PM Re: Grooming their joey pouches alot [Re: Feather]
kidqwik Offline
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Registered: 01/26/17
Posts: 111
Loc: Wallington, NJ
Nope, no males. I was worried about Roxie being a male because of her initial skunk smell when we first got her but they checked her over and over and she's a girl. I know Yuki is too cause I can see her pouch more easily with the white fur. I checked them again later on today and their bellies were dry. Before it looks like the took yogies and smeared it all over their bellies and lick them. Now I had to search for their pouch because they were dry so that's a relief. Kara's weird barking the last few days had me worried too. She did it the other night in front of me around 4am for a while. This morning she was out of the pouch while the others were sleeping and she she came down from behind the wheel and saw me she was running around and stopping and looking at me here and there and then went behind the wheel and started barking. She's never did that in the daytime before. When I put them in the tent she was not wanting to be in there aattttt all today. They were all kinda not wanting it so I put them back in the pouch and in their luxury condo and let them go to sleep again. smile
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