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#1411770 - 08/30/17 03:25 PM Facial Abscess
TheLittleShaman Offline
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Loc: Brunswick, OH
This is my baby, Charlie. He's going to be 6 on Sep 13. He has a facial abscess that just appeared yesterday, and we took him to the emergency vet clinic because he looked so bad.

This is my first post, so I'm not sure if you'll be able to see the attached images right away or if they need to be approved. But basically, the abscess is on the left side of his face and is roughly the size of a blueberry. It extends from under his eye, to above it, the bridge of his nose, and his forehead.

Yesterday at the emergency clinic, he was prescribed antibiotics but no pain meds. Is he in pain? What should I do about this?

He takes his medicine well and hasn't crabbed at me once. I have seen him eat and he acted fine in his tent today (I had him out alone).

Today, his eye started gooping up, so either his eye is infected or the abscess is draining through his eye. The emergency vet suspects a dental abscess. I was able to get his eye to open with sterile water on some q-tips that got goopy very fast.

I read on here somewhere that an abscess needs to be drained and that it can't be left on its own. The emergency vet said to drain it would be very risky because he is such a teeny tiny thing (108g).

He has another appointment tomorrow with a different vet. Can you guys give me any tips or suggestions or what to expect?

I appreciate you reading through this wall of text!////

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#1411771 - 08/30/17 03:59 PM Re: Facial Abscess [Re: TheLittleShaman]
KarenE Offline

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Loc: LittleRock, AR USA
It does indeed need to be drained by a competent vet.

Here is a list of vets in Ohio from our database.

We also have a list of vets who will do phone consults with other vets if needed. Here is that list you can print and take to your vet.

Please keep us posted on this little one's progress.
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