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#1412074 - 09/16/17 06:58 PM Buying a glider cage
JBells Offline
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Loc: North Carolina
Hi guys! I have a glider cage currently and the paint is peeling and the cage is rusting. I've tried sealing it but nothing is working and the rust is getting too bad that I just want to replace it. Does anyone have a brand or cage recommendation? I've been looking on eBay but I need one that wont get damaged by their urine, which I think is the problem. Can someone send links or brands? What size cages do you have? Mine is about 2L x 1.5W x 3.5H but I feel like I want to give them more height to enjoy! Please help or reccomend urine proof cages. I don't want to deal with painting a new cage if avoidable.

Thanks so much!

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#1412076 - 09/16/17 07:38 PM Re: Buying a glider cage [Re: JBells]
Terry Offline
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Some of the more popular cages:

HQ cages are sturdy and are built to last.

These three are from EN

Brisbane from EN
One I currently have and love so far.

I personally had this cage before, and loved it as well, for the most part. A bit more room than the Brisbane.

I haven't had this exact cage, but one very similar from a different website. I'll post those as well.

Sucoast Gliders, sadly temporarily closed due to hurricane damage.

HQ Sturdy
This cage is like the Brisbane, not sure if exact, but at least similar.

HQ Large Sturdy
This is the exact cage I had previous to the Brisbane. I really liked this cage. I chose this over the Congo because I figured it would be cheaper with the flat shipping rate, though it was priced slightly higher in price. This one has six extra sliding, feeding doors on the front, I'd prefer not to have, the Congo I believe doesn't have these.

Another very popular cage type are Critter Nation and All Living Things.

Critter Nation
This is the website for CNC cages. It's popular due to large size and the two large doors, also, some prefer the horizontal bars. The downside is the lack of sliding floor/drop pan, but some have managed a trick to fix that issue. You may find this cage on other websites, maybe Amazon.

All Living Things Multi-Level
This cage is equivalent to CN cage I believe, sold by PetSmart.
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#1412097 - 09/18/17 10:21 AM Re: Buying a glider cage [Re: JBells]
kidqwik Offline
Joey Member

Registered: 01/26/17
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Loc: Wallington, NJ
I just got the Congo cage from Exotic Nutrition because it's on sale. With the coupon code it brought the price down to like $186 I think it was with free shipping! I had/have the Brisbane Cage from EN since February and it's a great cage. I went from two gliders to four though and wanted more room to add a second wheel from them because they're always at least two in the wheel at a time if not more. If you have two the Brisbane cage is a great choice! I'd even sell you mine if for like $120 if you were close by and could pick it up, lol. It's in brand new condition and I kept it very clean. If you have four gliders I'd go for the Congo cage though right now because it's a good deal!
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