The cage is in brand new/mint condition. I'm asking $120 for it and it's already assembled! Cheaper than what it costs at Exotic Nutrition! I live in Northern NJ so it would be for pickup from there.It comes with two cage sticks, one shelf, and two feeding trays. This is a perfect cage for Sugar Gliders or Chinchillas! Feel free to contact me with any questions. Here's a description of the cage:

The Brisbane cage is made specifically for housing small mammals like sugar gliders, squirrels, chinchillas, marmosets and more. This cage measures approximately 63" tall (36 off stand) x 33" wide x 22" deep and can hold 2 - 3 sugar gliders comfortably.

This cage is manufactured by professionals from the HQ cage company with quality materials and experienced workmanship. It is designed with safety in mind and durability to last the lifetime of your pet.

The Brisbane cage is made with tube frame construction, making the inside spacious and comfortable for your pet. The bar spacing is inch wide, wide enough for small mammals to grasp the bars without injury but narrow enough to
prevent escape. The entire cage is professionally finished with an animal-safe powder coat.

This cage has two large front doors (10 x 13) with strong metal locks and two smaller side doors for easy access. Included in this cage are two plastic double-feed dishes, and two wood climbing posts (all removable). There is a wired bottom tray and plastic pull-out tray (white) to catch feces and debris,
making cleaning easy. The cage includes a stand with wheels, making the cage mobile, as well as an accessory shelf, perfect for storing food, toys and other cage items.

Pics of the cage:
:grey: Kara :grey: Lilo :cream: Yuki :grey: Roxie
:leu: Princess :rtmo: Buttercup