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#1412545 - 10/18/17 05:53 PM Bedding
Amanda159 Offline
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Registered: 10/17/17
Posts: 8
Loc: Canada
Hi, Has anyone used Boxo Bedding for their gliders? I'll post a link to what the package looks like

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#1412547 - 10/18/17 06:00 PM Re: Bedding [Re: Amanda159]
Feather Online   sleep

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It should be ok for gliders. I personally don't use anything in the drop pan.
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#1412557 - 10/19/17 12:31 AM Re: Bedding [Re: Amanda159]
Ladymagyver Offline

Registered: 10/07/14
Posts: 2174
Loc: SW Missouri
I agree with Kim.

Gliders love to forage through the drop pan, you may have a mess on your hands.

Right now I use paper towels, and every morning I find it re arranged. But it still helps with cleaning for me. We are working away from home and in an RV (we do this about 3/4 of the year). I had made some flannel liners which stayed in place, but I hate having to wait to wash on laundromat day. They get stinky.

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#1412560 - 10/19/17 06:44 AM Re: Bedding [Re: Amanda159]
TwoDog Offline
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+1 No bedding here either.

#1412572 - 10/19/17 02:24 PM Re: Bedding [Re: Amanda159]
kidqwik Offline
Glider Explorer

Registered: 01/26/17
Posts: 162
Loc: Wallington, NJ
I used to used pellets that are made of recycled paper but they kept foraging through them and sometimes eating them. I got a custom cage liner from Jana. I love it!

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#1412583 - 10/19/17 09:31 PM Re: Bedding [Re: kidqwik]
Terry Online   grin
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Originally Posted By: kidqwik
I used to used pellets that are made of recycled paper but they kept foraging through them and sometimes eating them. I got a custom cage liner from Jana. I love it!

Those are awesome products!!!! I personally, the easiest for me in my position, is keeping the tray bare. But those liners are great! I use them for the uptop playground on the roof of their cage. I actually use a drop pan from a previous cage up there and it works well. The reason I don't use on under their floor is because I do not have easy access to shake it out every morning, and I won't leave that food left under there all day to attract bugs. They are only on their uptop playground at the most 3 times a week, and that's even if they want to come out and go up, so it doesn't get too soiled and there's no food left behind, so it can wait till I have more time.

I do have custom shelf liners from her that are amazing too, and I know of another person that use liners in their gliders drop pans, and hoses them down instead of throwing them in the wash. They can also be hand washed/lined dried or lay flat to dry between laundry. Very versatile to work with, I'd definitely use them if I had time to get them outside to shake down every morning before work. I just go so accustomed to my routine with bare tray cleaning, it would take a extra time in my situation using them.

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