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#1412871 - 11/08/17 02:15 PM Cotton/Fleece Cage accessories
kidqwik Offline
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I'm interested in buying some Christmas/Winter cotton/fleece shelves and bridges for the cage. The top layer is made of cotton with a pattern and the underneath is fleece. It normally comes with elastic straps but I've asked the maker of them and asked if I could get fleece straps for the c-links instead because I don't feel comfortable putting elastic in the cage for them to chew on and they told me they could do that. Would the cotton part be ok for them? It looks like they are sewn very well and glider safe from what I can see. Here's the link:
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#1412875 - 11/08/17 04:09 PM Re: Cotton/Fleece Cage accessories [Re: kidqwik]
Hutch Online   confused
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I have heard cotton can be okay if finished correctly. That written, at least with my furballs of destruction, the only cotton item I purchased didn't last long. They found a loose end & turned it into a nest.

I may be a little biased because my furballs love her products, but I would highly & wholeheartedly encourage you to talk with Dawn of "Up till Dawn Gliders" on Facebook. She's also known as 'Ladymagyver' here at GC.

I've purchased many items from her with no regrets. Being completely honest, I like her stuff over other 'professional' glider stores from which I've purchased. If you have ANY doubt about this etsy store (I've had mixed experiences in the past myself), I strongly suggest you see if Dawn would be able to produce what that which you seek.

My $0.02.

Edited by Hutch (11/08/17 04:11 PM)
- Hutch

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#1412880 - 11/08/17 07:31 PM Re: Cotton/Fleece Cage accessories [Re: Hutch]
Terry Offline
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I agree with Hutch. I have purchased some of Etsy sets with cotton. I'm trying to remember if the Christmas set I purchased last year is one of those, but I know a few years ago I purchased a pirate theme set, and the pieces were so small. Even for a pair inho, and I had had a trio. I have to check on my Christmas set, it's in my storage unit.

In the meantime, I purchased a new pirate theme set from no other than Up Till Dawn Sugar Glider Gear. It's not the first purchase from her either. Good quality and craftsmanship! The pouches and corner hammocks are perfect size.
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