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#1413932 - 12/31/17 09:10 PM Observations After Lulu
Terry Offline
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So, at first I thought I'd place this in bonding & relationships, but then, there's the behavioral side here too.

It's been just over 11 weeks since Lulu's passing. I've been taking notice of my remaining gliders Ollie & Skadoosh.

-I've observed that they are both eating well, looking healthy, and there has been little to no bickering over food so far, I've seen no food aggression behaviors. Ollie looks like he put on some weight, but I need new batteries for my scale to know for sure, but I'm pretty sure.

-There's some pouch fussing, and barking here and there.

-I still feel there's some residual distrust of me though. Part of this could still be due to the changes over the past few years and going so long without routine out of cage play. But we have some promising sessions now, when they want to come out. Many times they don't want to come out, or stay out for very long. I'm continuing to keep trying to enhance their play area, but it still has limits-so not as much free-roam as they would have had if in the bathroom or tent (which both do not work in my current living arrangement).

-I'm not trying to state that Lulu caused any or all of the trouble, but maybe the dynamics change with just two gliders. Lulu and Skadoosh lived harmoniously together, did so at first with Ollie, but within a few months, and some changes to their lifestyle, there were squabbles. But now, as I mentioned above, it seems to be more harmonious again. I'll never regret my trio experience, each as a special, warm space in my heart-always.

-As for me, I'm still missing my Lulu. I've come to terms with her passing, but her absence is still a black hole in my heart. I can't help but wonder if Ollie and especially Skadoosh feel the same, although they appear to be doing well.

-I may continue to add to here, as time goes on.
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#1413933 - 12/31/17 10:12 PM Re: Observations After Lulu [Re: Terry]
Ladymagyver Offline

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I'm so glad they are doing well! mlove

Mine have their days they don't come out. For us, I think it's more about our lower temps right now. Inside it's 73, outside +25 and dropping. I'm sure their play places are a bit chillier than that here in the RV. They eat, run in the wheel, go back to bed...

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#1413940 - 01/01/18 10:32 AM Re: Observations After Lulu [Re: Terry]
Feather Offline

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Good to here they are doing well.
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