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#1414033 - 01/04/18 02:10 PM Cage Smell
Alan Offline
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Registered: 03/18/17
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I feel horrible for continuing to come back to this so Iím sorry Iím advance!!!
My cage has a rather sweet smell. I think It is urine mixed with the diet they have (BML) and as much as I scrub those bars with vinegar water and a scrubby residue remind. Itís something Iím coming to terms with living with. I can always try to scrub the wheel or the branches but when I smell them or the blankets there isnít any there. It seems to be the cage. I also have a shower curtain around the cage to keep the gross stuff from flying onto my walls.
It seems that this covering may be keeping in the smell instead of letting the cage breathe, if that makes sense? Like a cover holding on smell? Even when I clean it itís better a few days then starts again. Has anyone had bettter luck with a fabric sheet or fleece option? Anyone tried both? Just trying to cut down the smell as much as possible even accepting some will be there (all my animals live in my room, hedgie, ferret and gliders so smell is a big thing for my room!)
I know Iíve posted a lot about smell just wanted opinions on what works best for people!

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#1414034 - 01/04/18 03:25 PM Re: Cage Smell [Re: Alan]
Ladymagyver Offline

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Loc: SW Missouri
Alan, I've never used a shower curtain, always a fleece cover or a quality cotton or flannel sheet. But I can see maybe a shower curtain holding smell. I know from my experience with fleece holding smell, a good dose of sunshine does wonders!

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#1414038 - 01/04/18 05:59 PM Re: Cage Smell [Re: Alan]
Feather Offline

Registered: 01/19/08
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I cover with flannel and fleece. But I have someone that comes and takes my cages outside and they get scrubbed down with Dawn dish soap.

You need soap, vinegar water just isn't enough. I use Dawn for everything except their bedding and fleece. For that stuff I use my regular laundry detergent.
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#1414039 - 01/04/18 06:32 PM Re: Cage Smell [Re: Feather]
Terry Offline
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I also have never used shower curtains for cage cover. I initially used fleece, looked nice, got stinky. When I had the Madagascar cage, I had a vendor make a custom, it was made from good grade cotton (sheet, she said, to get the look I wanted). I loved it!!! However, I gave up the Madagascar when I moved across country for the first time. Since, I've been using a twin size, cotton, flat sheet. This covers the sides and back of cages like the Brisbane or Congo. I use clips, um, I believe I describe this in one of my cage design videos on YouTube. Anyway, due to having an extra drop pan of the same size from my girl's original cage, I use one to sit on top (to help with storage of all their ridiculous amounts of things, lol.) I use a mixture of clips, to hold the sheet around the cage on top, now the ones that I show in the vid, should be able to hold on around the cage. Just a min, I'll check to confirm this.

Sorry, actually no, those don't but the other kind would. I wish I could redo that vid now. Ah well, maybe go over it again another time.

Anyway, the other kind of clips used are hair clips like these . Those would clip around the top of the cage, the other kind, only where you have horizontal bar spacing.

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