Due to some life happenings I have not been able to advertise the last few months so we have an awesome sale going on to help find these babies homes! I also have a few breeding pairs and retired pairs available at great prices.


Roman (OOP: 11/27/2017)
Platinum Male 100% Leucistic Het 50% Crème-ino Het
$450 Breeding/$325 Neutered

Daisy (OOP: 11/23/2017) Leucistic Female

Cade (OOP: 10/31/2017) Leucistic 66% Crème-ino Het
$375 Neutered

Caleb (OOP: 10/31/2017) Leucistic 66% Crème-ino Het
$375 Neutered

Rem (OOP: 10/21/2017) True Platinum Mosaic Female 100% Leucistic Het 25% Crème-ino Het

Drayce (OOP: 09/15/2017) Mosaic Reverse Stripe Male
$600 Breeding/$475 Neutered

Glitch (OOP: 12/17/2017) True Platinum Mosaic (very dark) 100% Leucistic Het 66% Crème-ino Het

Glimmer (OOP: 12/17/2017) Leucistic 66% Crème-ino Het

Hunter (OOP: 12/19/2017) Grey Male 100% Het for Leu/Plat
$250 breeding/$200 neutered

Sydney (OOP:12/19/2017) Leucistic Female

Arabella (OOP: 12/28/2017) Grey Female

Aurora (OOP: 12/28/2017) Mosaic Reverse Stripe Female

Zura (OOP: 01/09/2018) Mosaic Reverse Stripe Female 100% Leucistic Het 50% Crème-ino Het

Lineage listed in TPG database under their names followed by ~SunsetSuggies~

We are located in Danville, Virginia and offer shipping through United ($150) and Delta ($275). Payment plans are available (joeys can be held up to 16 weeks OOP max) as well as credit card payments accepted through Paypal.

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Thanks for looking!
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