SPECIAL PAIR PRICING–Frodo is an adorable White Face Blonde Male who was out of pouch on 6/1/17. He is already neutered. Angelica is a beautiful Creme~ino girl. Creme~inos do have red eyes.

These juvenile sugar gliders are already bonded and make a very nice couple. They come to you at a very good pricing.

Sale Price $350.

Don’t ever let us be alone. Sugar gliders are colony animals and should never be kept by themselves. A lone glider can suffer from stress which can lead to depression, sickness and possible self mutilation. Often times, a lone glider will refuse to bond with a new owner until they get a buddy for them. We at My Little Sugar Glider do not believe that gliders should ever be alone. It is not our policy to sell just one sugar glider, unless you already have one at home in need of a like-aged companion.

I do have a policy regarding the selling of females at the pet only price. Either you also purchase a male that my vet can neuter as her companion, or if you already have a male in need of a like-aged companion, you will provide me with a document from a qualified veterinarian stating that the male is neutered. No exceptions.

I am can deliver as far as Phoenix or Las Vegas for a gas fee. Can ship United Pet Safe to legal areas at buyer's expense.

Contact me for my Application.

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Danielle G.
USDA breeder
Slave to Sugar Gliders Since 1997

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Danielle G.
USDA Breeder


Slave to Sugar Gliders since 1997

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