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#143215 - 09/06/06 03:42 PM Liver related deaths

I was reading through the Real Stories section, and I have come across at least 4 liver related deaths. This is very concerning to me. I know 4 is not a lot considering how many gliders are out there, but what about all the gliders that die and do not have a neocropsy to determine cause of death? I know nothing about medical/health things, so I'm looking for some insight on this issue. I know there is a Death Database going. Has any common factor surfaced in these types of deaths, such as diet? What exactly causes the liver to "go bad"? It would also be helpful to know the ages of the gliders who have passed from liver related problems. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/thanx.gif" alt="" />

#143216 - 09/06/06 03:53 PM Re: Liver related deaths [Re: ]

That is a really good question. I'd like to know too. I have two gliders who have died; one due to liver and kidney failure, and one to jaundice (which I believe is liver failure but no necropsie). Unfortunately they have had a few diet changes during their lifetimes. One was 4 and the other 6 or 7. I can name the different diets they have been on. One was being fed cat food when I got him. They both have eaten Glider Grub, Exotic Nutritions Eucalyptus diet (which they hated), BML, PML (which they were on when they passed), ummm... I think that is it.
I was wondering about the liver thing too. My vet and I could find no reason for the liver and kidney damage in Emma. I did not do a necropsy on Romeo.

#143217 - 09/06/06 05:49 PM Re: Liver related deaths [Re: ]
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It is recommended when having a necropsy done on a glider who is told they died to liver failure to have further testing done. In many instances, the liver is only the after affects of other internal organs shutting down and therefore the liver not functioning as it should. Although there are many reasons for the liver to shut down, right now there is just not enough research that has been done on this topic. Once again, if you are told that you glider has died of liver failure, please ask them to do further testing, such as on the kidney, heart etc.
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#143218 - 09/06/06 06:22 PM Re: Liver related deaths [Re: ]

Yes, I was trying to research, and a site did say that it is usually other health issues that lead to liver problems. What are the health issues leading to liver problems? I just want to make sure my gliders live a long full life. I want to make sure I can prevent these illnesses. I believe some of these gliders were on one proven diet. Maybe we are oversupplementing the food and that might have to do something with it. I don't know. . .I'm just wondering. I want to be sure I have my gliders on the best diet (so far I have used Priscilla's diet bc that is who I bought my gliders from). I guess what we need is a couple of scientists (or whatever you want to call them, vets) who can research and study gliders. Maybe have a few different groups of gliders using the diet as a variable. No, just to be clear, I am not saying use them as "lab rats." They would be cared for the way we care for our gliders, but feed each group a different diet. . . sticking strictly to the diet. . .EXACT measurements each and every time. Treats could be given in extreme moderation, but everyone would get the same ones. Of course this would have to go on for several years before we had conclusive results. I don't know. . .wishful thinking I suppose.

#143219 - 09/06/06 06:32 PM Re: Liver related deaths [Re: ]

I suppose our answers may lie with those who have "elderly" gliders. Lets say those who have lived to around 10. What diets do you use? Do all of your gliders live this long, (exception to those who came to you with known previous problems, or suffered from accidents)? Do you always "stick to" your diet?

#143220 - 09/06/06 11:20 PM Re: Liver related deaths [Re: ]
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according to austalian vets i spoken with. yes we oversupplement. also alot has to do with inbreeding which was done for getting the colors started. and some still do. unfortunaly the gliders pay the price. i still love the grey glider the best. gliders are also getting smaller as a result of this. the people i spoke with that have long lived gliders feed a fresh diet with just a little calcium supplementation.

#143221 - 09/06/06 11:29 PM Re: Liver related deaths [Re: ]

Animals also get smaller as generations progress living in small enclosures. It is unrelated to diet and is a phenomena that is seen when animals are on small islands or land masses. Succeeding generations become smaller and smaller over time - perhaps nature helps strike a balance between perpetuating the species and the anticipated amount of food in a geographically smaller environment. Since gliders can glide 50 yards, no matter how large their living space in captivity, it is miniscule compared to living in the wild.


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