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#149581 - 09/25/06 04:07 AM Some nights eats..... some nights not.........

I just want a little reassurance I guess.

I feed Lucy BML - and fruits every night. I alternate veggies and fruits with the BML, but she gets fruits every night.

My question is this...... some nights she pretty much cleans the plate... maybe a piece or two of fruit left and very little BML. But like last night, it doesn't look like she ate much at all. When I got up this morning, she was in her pouch but when I spoke to her she got up. I gave her a sugar beet treat and she gobbled it down.

Is it normal for them to sometimes just not be hungry? And of course as I'm sitting her typing this.... she's got her nose stuck in her BML mix - so maybe I don't have a question after all..... <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/tongue.gif" alt="" />

#149582 - 09/25/06 06:02 AM Re: Some nights eats..... some nights not......... [Re: ]
mattysmom Offline
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My gliders do the same - some days they clean their plates and some days they just nibble. Did she get mealworms or treats on days when she doesn't eat as much? Mine love mealworms so I tell them they have to eat their vegetables before dessert... As long as she's eating - something - I would be reassured that she's healthy and normal.
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#149583 - 09/25/06 07:15 AM Re: Some nights eats..... some nights not......... [Re: ]

That is totally normal. THere are some nights where it seems my gliders hardly touch their food, and other nights where the plates are licked clean. Sometimes they will even got several nights without eating much. It just varies - just offer the fruits,veggies, and BML each night. I would not stress about the glider not eating as much unless they are showing other signs of sickness or have gone more than a few days without eating much.

Some people think the moon phases or the weather can affect their eating habits.

#149584 - 09/25/06 09:23 AM Re: Some nights eats..... some nights not......... [Re: ]

Both of my gliders are the same way. Like today all of their food was gone when I got up this morning but last night they had alot left over. So sounds like your doing great.

#149585 - 09/25/06 09:49 AM Re: Some nights eats..... some nights not......... [Re: ]
Xglider Offline
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I agree, not a cause for panic…. Mine do the same thing…. Just make sure it is not a continuous thing, one or two nights is not out of the ordinary…
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#149586 - 09/25/06 10:07 AM Re: Some nights eats..... some nights not......... [Re: ]

Yes, welcome to the frustrating world of glider feeding. An occasional night when they don't eat, even a couple in a row is not unusual at all. Just watch for it to become an ongoing pattern.

I went out and bought a digital scale that weighs in grams (the kind you get at Walmart or Target for weighing food) and I put Peepers on it each evening when I take her out of my shirt. It's just a quick stop on the way to the cage, but that way I get a heads up if she starts to lose weight. She generally hovers between 78 and 82 grams, but she's always been a small glider.

#149587 - 09/25/06 10:47 AM Re: Some nights eats..... some nights not......... [Re: ]

From what I have read on other posts:

If you find there is too much food left over in the morning: check that they have been able to get to the food in the first place!

A few people have had terrible experience with their gliders getting stuck in loose threads or long hair in their pouches or even having accidently left the pouch close in the cage!
Sorry, I hope I am not upsetting anybody or causing undue concern, it's just that many people avoid the 'real stories' section because it's sooo sad! But then they miss out on the good reminders about the things we take for granted and need to be aware of to make sure our gliders have a happy, long, long life.

#149667 - 09/25/06 09:27 PM Re: Some nights eats..... some nights not......... [Re: ]

Thanks everyone! I feel much better!

I love the idea of a scale to check weight - think I'm headed to Wally World this weekend to get one.



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