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#152265 - 10/03/06 05:29 AM diet help please

ever since i got my new boys everyone stopped eating their bml. My new ones wouldn't eat it so my old ones started to snub it. I am thinking of going with darcys diet. Can someone explain how it works to me? All you give them is ensure with calcium and then fruits veggies and a protein source? Does anyone here use it and like it or has anyone had anything wrong with it?

#152266 - 10/03/06 05:47 AM Re: diet help please [Re: ]

I have fed Darcy's (Ensure) diet for over a year and love it. It is EASY! I mix up the ensure (about 6 cans at a time) and freeze it in ice cube trays and they last for a long time. I buy a bag of frozen fruits and frozen vegetables and feed those. It is really an easy diet and I highly recommend it. I have read that some people have fat gliders on this diet. I have 4 gliders. One is chubby but that is because he hogs all the mealies. LOL. I have 4 healthy, happy gliders who love their Ensure. It isn't expensive. I buy the Equate (Wal Mart) brand of Ensure and my Gliders love it. They refused eat the brand name stuff. LOL. They love strawberry.

I do buy the 250 and not the 350 calorie Ensure. I bought the Calcium carbonate which should last FOREVER. I add the Acacia Gum and mix it all up. My gliders have never refused a meal. They must get that from me. LOL.

I don't know what everyone else's experience is, but I got my gliders (3 of the 4) from a lady who uses Darcy's and I got healthy joeys from the start. She did tell me she adds a Pinkie or two a week for her pregnant females. I will give my guys one for Thanksgiving and Christmas Dinner (just as a special treat--they love 'em!) but other than that I feed Mealies, chopped egg, leftover chicken, etc. along with the fruits and veggies.

Hope that helps some.

#152320 - 10/03/06 11:08 AM Re: diet help please [Re: ]

I've had my gliders for about a month and switched them to the darcy diet instead of the cat food we were told to feed them. They love the stuff! Now I mix the fruits/veggies in the ensure to entice them to eat a more balanced meal. Otherwise they ate mostly the ensure and the egg, and left most of the veggies.

I too am interested to know who has been feeding darcy's and for how long and how healthy their gliders are. It would be a very informative survey, I think. smile

#152386 - 10/03/06 01:18 PM Re: diet help please [Re: ]

Thanks for answering. I really owuld like to get a lot more responses so if anyone could help me out...Also, where do you buy the calcium carbonate?

#152399 - 10/03/06 01:46 PM Re: diet help please [Re: ]

*Don't mean to start a diet war here! The following is only my opinion so if your opinion is different, that is fine, we can still be friends!*

Darcy's is an approved diet on the GC list, but as 1angel mentioned, gliders do tend to become overweight on that diet. It was originally designed for a glider named Darcy who had, I believe, cancer (or some serious illness) and needed something she would eat and keep her weight on.

I've heard from several of my friends here at GC that it is not a diet that they would use all the time, but they would use it on a glider who was ill. I used it (or at least the Ensure part) when Jeepers was sick because I could give it to her in a syringe and get her some calories and protien.

For an easy diet and one that I believe is very healthy, I like PML. All you have to mix up is Wambaroo, egg, honey and water. You keep it in the freezer in a single bowl and scoop out what you need because it doesn't freeze hard. It's kinda slushy. Also one batch lasts a lot longer because you only feed a teaspoon to a teaspoon and a half per glider.

I fed it for a while, and I believe my gliders' coats looked smoother when they were on it, but then they got sick and I had been trying different diets at the time so I decided to go back to the BML I had had them on since I'd first gotten them in case I had stressed them out changing around.

I've been thinking of going back to PML now that Peepers is all well, and especially since I got Piper from Alicia. Piper is on PML and she has that nice smooth looking coat that I remember thinking my gliders got when they were on PML.

Dancing has seen amazing results with using the Wambaroo High Protien supplement on her glider, Reepicheep. He had been nearly bald and couldn't get back his fur until he went on WHP. Then she ran out of Wambaroo one time and he started losing his fur again.

SRLB also swears her gliders are more energetic on WHP and she has huge joeys come OOP from all her gliders.

Anyway, that's just what I've seen and heard. Darcy's is certainly much better than a cat food diet!

#153018 - 10/04/06 05:21 PM Re: diet help please [Re: ]

I feed Darcy's, Ive been feeding it for over a year. The only other diet I tried was BML and my suggies would never eat it, but they always LOVED darcy's. I freeze a couple cans of Ensure in ice cube trays, and I buy the frozen fruit in a bag and the frozen vegetables. I buy the calcium carbonate at

#153020 - 10/04/06 05:26 PM Re: diet help please [Re: ]
pappy1264 Offline
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Can you post the PML diet? I use the BML, but Timmy and Gidget don't seem to like it all that much.

Timmy & Gidget's mom
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#153078 - 10/04/06 07:16 PM Re: diet help please [Re: pappy1264]

#153945 - 10/07/06 07:27 AM Re: diet help please [Re: ]
Xfilefan Offline
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Peeper- Lord Darcy (the glider the diet was designed for) did have cancer (or does, but was in remission last I heard) - lymphoma if I'm not in error. He was losing weight, and couldn't gain or maintain it on any of the diets at the time. It is high on calories. With gliders that aren't overly active, or slowing as they get older, it definitely can pack on weight. The average gain with mine over the two years I used it, was 45 grams per glider. I finally got them on the BML, and they have trimmed down a little, and stopped gaining. Only 2 of mine did not gain weight on Darcy's. It's fantastic for nutrition and all, but you do have to watch their weight.
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#153948 - 10/07/06 07:47 AM Re: diet help please [Re: Xfilefan]

I have my 3 girls on the Suncoast which is on the diet Page as an approved diet. They love it. I have never had any problem with them eating it. They also get yogurt, blueberry is the only flavor they like, veggies, fruit and mealies, crickets or waxworms. I don't feed as many of the waxworms as I do mealies or crickets as they are higher in fat content than the others. I sprinkle the vitamins on the moist food and put the calcium in the yogurt. It takes less than five minutes to fix dinner for the three of them.

#153986 - 10/07/06 09:42 AM Re: diet help please [Re: ]

BML 1 cup of mineral bottle opener.6-7mealworms...honey for treats ..fruits with BML or BML with chicken (leftover)


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