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#156903 - 10/13/06 01:57 PM Piper and the Trichs (also vet bills$)

For the beginning of this story, please see this post: Why we Quarantine

Now, about Piper's current condition. She's been on the metro since Wednesday evening, so she's gotten 4 doses. I can't say she's any better and she may be just slightly worse. She didn't eat last night and wasn't interested in her yogurt licky treat I offered this morning whereas yesterday morning she took it fine. Also, last night her stool was still very soft, but formed. I haven't seen a stool from her today, probably because she hasn't eaten enough to produce any. On the positive side, she did take a couple of mealies from me at lunch today, and when I got up this morning, she was jumping around in the cage playing.

I called the vet and after a long conversation, we decided to start her on Baytril as well as the metro. He says they are not even certain that the trichs are what causes the sickness. They may just multiply in the intestines of a glider who is compromised by something else. I am also a little concerned that she's getting dehydrated so I am planning to take her in later today to see if he thinks she needs a subQ.

For the newbies who are wondering how much vet care may cost with a glider, here's Piper's bills so far (hopefully my hubby won't see this. wink )

9/29/06 Initial well check (a few days after I got her, before she got sick): $26
9/29/06 fecal float and smear: $35 (I also had this done on Peepers that day so double that if you want to count her)

10/11/06 fecal float and smear that I brought in: $35
10/11/06 metronidazole medications since the fecal was positive for trichs: $14
10/13/06 more metro (I initially didn't get enough to cover Peepers too) and Baytril: $30
10/13/06 I will probably be taking her in for an office visit today because I'm concerned she needs a subQ. The OV will be another $26, and I don't know how much the subQ will be if needed.

So far, $166, not counting Peeper's fecal or the subQ. Back in August when Jeepers died and Peepers got sick a couple of days later, I think I spent around $700. I KNOW I spent $400 on one visit during that time with Peepers because I was desperate to find out what she had so I wouldn't lose her too, so we did everything from culture/sensitivity to x-ray to fecals, exam, etc.

I'm hoping it's just taking a few days for the meds to start working on Piper, but I didn't want to get into the weekend and be stuck with just emergency vet care if it didn't go well (THOSE office visits are more like $80 instead of $26 and the e-vet is not as qualified) so I wanted to add the Baytril now.

Oh, I almost forgot. Yesterday, I started thinking about the possibility that my daughter could be the carrier of the trichomonads that keep infecting the gliders. It seemed to fit with the course of events. This is the fourth time we've had to deal with it and each time, they've apparently been cured, then got sick weeks or months later. This time particularly mystified me because Peepers still seemed to be completely fine and Piper is a new glider so she hadn't been exposed to it when it was active before. The reason I suspected my daughter is because she had a little stomach bug that caused diarrhea and vomiting the week after we got Piper and the week before Piper got sick. Piper's her glider, so she's been doing the whole bonding thing too. Also, Syd has on and off complained of a tummy ache, but I just figured it was the normal kid stuff. I just started wondering if she could have picked it up from Peepers and Jeepers one of the other times they had it and be giving it back to them (and now Piper) periodically. However, both the vets (two different ones) and her pediatrician seriously doubted that she and they could be passing it back and forth like that. We did send out a fecal sample from my daughter for testing just to be on the safe side though. I should get the results Monday.

Gosh, I'm tired of being worried about gliders. frown

#156920 - 10/13/06 02:44 PM Re: Piper and the Trichs (also vet bills$) [Re: ]

Aww. I think he'll do well.

Good luck!

#156947 - 10/13/06 03:25 PM Re: Piper and the Trichs (also vet bills$) [Re: ]
Xglider Offline
Glideritis Anonymous

Registered: 01/18/05
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Loc: Tampa, FL
hang in there, thank you for sharing this information it is valuable to the community I hate that you are having to go through this again… but you caught it early and are more knowledgeable now… hug2
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#156950 - 10/13/06 03:35 PM Re: Piper and the Trichs (also vet bills$) [Re: Xglider]

Thank you for taking the time to share this, it'll be so useful for future reference. It must have been hard to write frown

The vet bill is ALSO very interesting, and will be a good example..

I know that it must be hard to go through this again, but I'm sure all will end well.

#157007 - 10/13/06 06:06 PM Re: Piper and the Trichs (also vet bills$) [Re: ]

hug2 Sundra, I'm so very sorry that you are all going through this frown . I can only imagine the strain it is causing on you all, but you have been so quick to pick up on things that I know they couldn't be in better hands. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this, sending lots of hugs and prayers to you, Syd and Piper hug2

#157117 - 10/14/06 12:18 AM Re: Piper and the Trichs (also vet bills$) [Re: ]

Well, I took her in and they did subQ her. I'm really glad they did because I think it made her feel much better. She was not severely dehydrated, but the skin-tent test was positive. When I pulled up the skin, it went down pretty slowly. They subQ'd about 4cc's and also gave me a bag and some syringes/needles in case I need it over the weekend, I can do it myself rather than having to take her to the e-vet.

I think subQ fluids are one of the most important things that can be done for a sick glider. If your glider is sick and you're wondering if the vet will be able to do anything for them if you do take them in, believe me, subQ's can work miracles. They can get dehydrated so easily. I mean just a few soft stools a day combined with not feeling like drinking and it can hit them. Then they can spiral down. One of the vet techs there was telling me that she has a glider she's rescuing and it has something that causes it to vomit occasionally. When it gets that way, she subQ's it, even though it's not terribly dehydrated, but she said it's like magic and the little glider starts eating very well again right away.

As I said, I think Piper's feeling better. She's jumping around the cage tonight and ate some PML off my finger. I'm just keeping my fingers and toes crossed that she continues to improve, and especially that she eats and drinks well tonight. She's such a sweet little girl, I just hate to see her not feeling good.

Thanks for all the well-wishes, everyone. Keep sending the prayers and positive thoughts.

Oh, I almost forgot, the vet visit today was $66 including office visit ($26), in-office subQ ($27), and the 250mL bag of subQ fluid and syringes and needles.

#157121 - 10/14/06 12:28 AM Re: Piper and the Trichs (also vet bills$) [Re: ]

Momma says "That which does not kill us, makes us strong" Dont know what that means sactly, but, she says it a lot so it must be a good thing.

Then she says, "I am strong, I am strong, oh please, I think I am strong enough already".

We think you are a strong good lady, and Piper is a lucky, lucky suggie. We said you in our prayers tonite.

The Suggies

George, Daisy, and Princess

#157172 - 10/14/06 07:27 AM Re: Piper and the Trichs (also vet bills$) [Re: ]
queenduck Offline
Serious Glideritis

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Oh Sundra, I am so sorry this is happening againg to all of you, and esp. piper. But I know your keeping a watchful eye and will eventually get to the bottom of this. Keep me updated. I hope to hear everyone is well soon.
Alicia aka Queenduck, Bentley's Nana

We need role models who are going to break the mold ~ Carly Simon

#157182 - 10/14/06 07:46 AM Re: Piper and the Trichs (also vet bills$) [Re: queenduck]

Bless you! You have been through so much with the gliders lately. I am keeping you and your baby in my thoughts and prayers.

#157185 - 10/14/06 07:56 AM Re: Piper and the Trichs (also vet bills$) [Re: ]

You guys are still in my thoughts and prayers. Hope they all get to feeling better soon


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