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#164344 - 10/30/06 12:53 AM Diarrhea Elimination Diet

I don't think this belongs in the diet and Nutrition forum because I am posting about what we did to get Piper over her diarrhea.

Other posts I've made about this episode are:
Persistant Diarrhea (need help, guys)

Piper and the Trichs

Long story short, noticed soft poops and decrease in eating.
She tested positive for trichomonads.
We treated her with metronidazole but the diarrhea didn't go away.
Thought antibiotics were causing diarrhea. Expected it to stop when she was done with them.
Diarrhea got worse after she went off the antibiotics although I was giving yogurt to replace bacterial flora in the gut.
Tested another fecal thinking we didn't get all the trichs, but it was clean.

Under my vet's instructions, I stopped feeding PML, yogurt, chicken, fruit (except apples) and veggies and started on a bland "elimination diet" also known as the BRAT diet that pediatricians will recommend for kids with gastrointestinal issues. The human version of the BRAT diet is B=bananas, R=rice, A=apples, T=toast. For gliders I substitute a very small dollop of cooked oatmeal instead of toast. You have to be careful with oatmeal because it can cause a blockage if you give too much, but they generally really like it. For the rice, I mix baby rice cereal with a little water, Gatoraide and a touch of maple syrup for flavor. I purposely didn't use honey because it is a big part of PML and I was trying to eliminate all that she had been eating up to that point. I also offered apples and bananas. She nibbled on the apples, but didn't touch the bananas.

Immediately upon changing her to the bland diet, her diarrhea went away. I mean from liquid to total normal overnight! I had not seen really normal poops from her in over 2 weeks!

Remember: I am not recommending this as a long term diet for gliders It is only to allow an irritated gut time to recover without likely allergens or irritants.

Two theories operating here:
1. She got the trichs and they caused the initial symptoms, but after they were eliminated, the gut was still irritated and she couldn't shake the diarrhea on a normal diet. The blandness soothed her gut, allowing it to slow down.


2. She developed a food allergy to something she was eating regularly which caused the initial symptoms. Trichomonads already present in the gut multiplied causing further problems and showing up on the fecal test. Treating the trichs didn't eliminate the intitial problem. Diarrhea went away when we eliminated the food allergen.

Now she's been having normal poops on the bland diet for 4 days (since Thursday morning and it's now Sunday night). Two nights ago, I added back in the boiled chicken and a couple of mealies because I didn't want her to go too long without the protien. Still normal poo.

Tonight, I added a pinch of Wambaroo HPS to her baby rice cereal mixture. I figure if she doesn't react to it, I can continue giving it and have some confidence that she's at least getting some protien/calcium/vitamin supplementation even if it's not the whole PML diet.

If she goes several days with the Wambaroo and poops stay firm, I will try my biggest suspect: the yogurt. Her poo got softer when I increased the amount of yogurt she was getting that last weekend after I stopped the metro. Also, the vet's first recommendation when we began to discuss diet possibilities was to eliminate all dairy products. He included Wambaroo in the dairy products because the first ingredient is whey protien.

I am just reporting what has happened anecdotally with one glider. I am not saying anyone should feed this diet to healthy gliders, and only under a vet's supervision and for a short time with gliders who do have diarrhea. I am posting it because I want to chronical what happens as I try to determine whether or not Piper has a food allergy, and if so, what the culprit is.

The vet did say he's seen this work with other animals as well though. I'm not sure if he meant gliders or just all animals. They do see a LOT of gliders there.

Anyway, any and all comments or suggestions or criticisms (be gentle with me, lol) are welcome.

#164347 - 10/30/06 01:12 AM Re: Diarrhea Elimination Diet [Re: ]

WOW! thats really interesting. I am impressed how well that seems to have worked. The vets there never cease to amaze me with their new ideas. I hope she continues to do well. I had honestly never heard of the BRAT diet. Thanks for all that detailed info. It might serve to help someone else with the same chronic problems.

#164397 - 10/30/06 09:04 AM Re: Diarrhea Elimination Diet [Re: ]
Kitkatt1216 Offline
Glider Slave

Registered: 10/28/06
Posts: 1763
Loc: Connecticut
I'm going to be bringing this diet up with my vet today to help eliminate Kieko's diaherra. I'll fill you in with what the vet says so everyone can have a second opinion on this diet...
Owned by Murphy and Peanut

**RIP My loves Amunet, MiaKoda, and Kieko**

#164407 - 10/30/06 09:23 AM Re: Diarrhea Elimination Diet [Re: Kitkatt1216]

I use an avian probiotic replacement powder instead of yogurt because it has more different types of bacteria and doesn't loosen feces. I am lactose intolerant but have no trouble digesting whey powder. I think it has the protein w/o the quantity of sugar.

So glad it's better at your house! I have a 13 yr old big dog on BRAT now. It's been a staple at my house for mammals (including the humans) for many years. . . .

#167057 - 11/05/06 04:01 PM Re: Diarrhea Elimination Diet [Re: ]

I haven't updated this in a while. Piper was diarrhea-free up until night before last. So she went 5 days on the Wambaroo without a single soft poo. Friday night was the first obvious soft/liquid poo, but there was maybe a suspicious one Thursday night. By the time I saw it, it was dried up, but it looked like it might have been soft.

So, the interesting thing is that I did give her some carrot for the first time in her dinner Thursday night. She ate all of it, so I gave her two pieces Friday night and that's the first time I noticed true diarrhea. I wasn't expecting a reaction to carrot. I'm not sure if it just took a few days for her to react to the Wombaroo or if the carrot set her off.

Also, after seeing the diarrhea yesterday morning, I went back to the totally bland diet that seemed to fix it last time, but she had even worse diarrhea last night. Total liquid. I had hoped that if she did react again, it would go away right away when I went back to the bland diet.

The other concern I have, after reading the study done on the glider diets is that the baby rice cereal I've been using has a lot of iron in it. So I'm going to stop using that and just use regular rice and oatmeal along with apple. She just turns up her nose at bananas.

Oh, I did give her chicken last night too, and she ate it. I don't guess that was part of the BRAT diet, but I think she's been eating it without reaction long enough to consider it safe.

#167066 - 11/05/06 04:23 PM Re: Diarrhea Elimination Diet [Re: ]
MizValorie Offline
Glider Addict

Registered: 04/13/06
Posts: 2579
Loc: Sherman, Texas
Have you thought about freezing the banana and then mushing it and seeing if she would eat that? I read that somewhere on one of these boards. Just an idea though. Hope it goes back to normal soon.
Valorie and our 10 fur children

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#167069 - 11/05/06 04:28 PM Re: Diarrhea Elimination Diet [Re: MizValorie]
BeckiT Offline
Glideritis Anonymous

Registered: 09/29/06
Posts: 16083
Loc: Manitowoc, WI
Sorry to hear she's having issues again frown Hope she's better soon!

the only way mine like banana is when it's dried (dehydrated), otherwise they turn up thier nose @ it
~Becki & Crew~
Glidin' High Sugar Gliders
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#167149 - 11/05/06 08:34 PM Re: Diarrhea Elimination Diet [Re: BeckiT]

sent a pm.


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