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#168850 - 11/08/06 07:42 PM PML Confusion

I read the recent post about PML - and I am just a tad confused.

I looked on the diet link and read the ingredients for the PML diet. It doesn't mention bee pollen and only calls for 2 eggs. How much bee pollen and at what point in the blending is it added?

Also, it says to feed 1 1/2 to 2 Tablespoons (Tbsp) but in the post some said they were only feeding 1 1/2 to 2 teaspoons (tsp) - which is correct?

I might consider switching Lucy over after I finish my BML ingredients..... she eats it ok and is gaining weight - but something tells me she isn't "sold" on the BML.

#168887 - 11/08/06 08:17 PM Re: PML Confusion [Re: ]

Lady H- I was a bit confused on that post too. It seems that there are extra ingredients that people are talking about that I didnt see listed for the PML diet. Hopefully someone can clear this up. smile

#168891 - 11/08/06 08:23 PM Re: PML Confusion [Re: ]
TracieB Offline
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There is the original "Pockets" PML, then Peggy (srlb) also has a version. That's where you're getting the conflicting information. Peggy's version calls for three eggs, bee pollen and serving size is 1 to 1 1/2 teaspoons (tsp). Pockets' version calls for 2 eggs, no bee pollen and serving size is 1 tablespoon (TBSP). The amount of Wambaroo High Protein Supplement is also different in each.

Here's a link to a discussion in which Debbie (Pockets) and Peggy (srlb) both have some input. Just a warning, you may be even more confused after reading it!! grin


Hope this helps clarify things for you!
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#168924 - 11/08/06 09:11 PM Re: PML Confusion [Re: TracieB]
Srlb Offline
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Yes, true. Pockets (Debbie) has her version and than I have my own. When first speaking with Pockets about this, before she came back and reannounced it on GC and going over all the details with her she could not stress enough to have the diet checked out by your vet. I than took the box of HPW into my vet who checked it out. After looking into it and discussing it with him he told me how he felt it should be fed and thought it was an outstanding diet.

You see, Pockets has access to many of the plants and such they have in Australia, she grows many of her own things, things you and I dont have, or have the time, or the patience to grow so she is able to offer things I can not. After discussing that with the vet as well he suggested to add in the Bee Pollen as that is one of the beneficial things they eat in their natural habitat. It provides natural calcium and is beneficial to the high metabolism that gliders have.

I also decided to stay with the three eggs in the diet plan as that is the protein. Pockets chose to cut back the eggs due to her fear of high cholestrol.

There is plenty of vitamins and calcium in the diet itself that none is needed to be added as far as supplements such as repcal or herptivite.

The original diet calls for 1 o 1-1/2 teaspoons and that is what I chose to feed my gliders. They eat it all and they are healthy as ever.

I, like Pockets, recommends to talk with your vet about the diet to see what they feel about it. Please make sure the vet is knowledgable in gliders though. Unfortunately many vets dont know enough about them and have not researched them enough to really be able to discuss or choose diet plans. That is where one of our diet issues arises from.Hopefull that will be able to change and some more research can be done in the near future.

I dont recommend to anyone to just go out and pick a diet and change it according to how *they* want it or they *feel* would benefit their gliders without consulting a qualified vet. If you do choose to switch over to another diet, choose one that has been used successfully over several years by many of the members here.

Many members have switched to the PML and the HPW (which is what I call the version I use) diets with WONDERFUL success. I see big improvements all the time in gliders that are using the HPW as part of their diet plan.

Dancing can be one to tell you about how well it did for Reep. A glider that went to her with fur issues, he was just about bald and she started to sprinkle the HPW powder over his food and today he is fully furred.

If you have any questions, please do feel free to ask. Im sure that Pockets will pop on here sooner or later and comment on the diet as well, or you can email her and she will answer. I am so very grateful she introduced me and my furballs to the HPW. I honestly feel I have increased not only their health and happiness but also their life span by putting them on this diet. grin
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#169028 - 11/09/06 05:53 AM Re: PML Confusion [Re: Srlb]

Thanks Peggy! That clears up the confusion lol.


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