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#17550 - 02/10/04 08:49 AM slightly runny poopy...cause for concern?

One of my gliders (not sure which one) has been having slightly runny bowel movements...It's not exactly watery but its like a mushy pile instead of solid...I recently changed the little girl, Tink's diet to BML from cat food...could that cause it? Do I need to be concerned? Should these guys go to the vet?

#17551 - 02/10/04 09:28 AM Re: slightly runny poopy...cause for concern? [Re: ]
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if you are concerned, then there is reason for concern, off to the vet I would go,
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#17552 - 02/10/04 10:14 AM Re: slightly runny poopy...cause for concern? [Re: ]

I agree with Bourbon that a vet check is in order as a precaution. While it's possible the switch from cat food to the BML diet might explain the loose stool (especially if you switched the little one over all at once), there is also the possibility that something else is going on. The vet should perform either a fecal float and/or direct fecal smear & a bacterial C&S (Culture & sensitivity) test to rule out any intestinal bacterial and/or parasitic condition.

You also want to be careful that this little one does not get dehyrated if she is having loose stool. Do the TENT test by gently pinching up the area of skin near the neck/shoulderblades, let go & see if the skin pops back into its normal position or tends to stay pinched up. If the skin stays up (Tented), this is a sign of dehydration and you may want to consider buying some Pedialyte (it comes in flavors) so you can mix an equal amount of Pedialyte/Water (50/50) to give by dropper several times/day. The Pedialyte will help keep an electrolyte imbalance from occurring (electrolytes can be depleted very quickly when dehydration occurs and an electrolyte imbalance can seriously impact overall health.


1) is a component of all body tissue
2) is the major component of blood plasma
3) is a solvent for nutrients & body wastes
4) provides transport for nutrients & wastes by way of the blood
5) is essential for hydrolysis of nutrients in body cells thus making it essential for metabolism
6) functions as a lubricant in joints
7) aids in the digestive process
8) in humans, serves as a cooling mechanism via perspiration.


A loss of 10% of body water can cause serious problems. Blood volume and nutrient absorption are reduced and kidney function upset. A loss of 20% of body water can cause circulatory failure and death not only in humans but animals as well. Vomitting, Diarrhea or prolonged bouts of loose stool, therefore, can cause dehydration/electrolyte depletion very quickly. This is why it is so essential that any glider exhibiting such symptoms be gotten to a vet ASAP for tests to be run to determine/treat the cause of the symptoms as quickly as possible and so the vet can provide any necessary hydration/electrolyte therapy that may be warranted.


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