The Love of Many Joey’s<BR> Written by Lindsay<P>I have to sugar gliders: a male (Cody) and a female (Sidney). This is<BR>the first time I had ever owned gliders, and this was their first time<BR>breeding. One day I noticed Sidney's pouch. It was really large. I thought<BR>nothing of it. About a month later, I heard a little noise. It sounded<BR>like a crab, but very faint. I was curious, so l opened the den to find a<BR>new Joey. I was thrilled because I'd been waiting for a long while for a<BR>Joey. That night I decided to sneak a peak at the little cutie while the<BR>parents were out playing. What I found was a dead Joey, still as a log. I<BR>wept as I held the dead Joey in my hand. So small, just beginning to grow<BR>fur. Its name was Dexter. That was Joey Death #1.<BR>Joey Death #2 was around late October I was amazed when I heard "the<BR>noise" again. I was hopeful. This time, I kept a careful eye on the Joey<BR>and how the parents were treating it. Record length! This Joey lived for 4<BR>days until one day... I got home from work and was feeding them when I found<BR>the Joey in the food bowl. I picked it up and it started to breath. I was<BR>very happy! But then it stopped and it died.<BR>Joey Death #3 was short. I found the Joey in the den around 2 days after<BR>it was OOP. It was half eaten. All my Joey’s could have lived. I think that<BR>the parents rejected all of them. I hope that once, Just once, a Joey would<BR>live.<BR>