WARNING: Hamster wheels <BR>By: Marie Anne<P>I know we have batted the whole hamster wheel and hamster ball thing around quite a bit. I do not have a hamster wheel in Percy's cage but a wodent wheel. However someone could possibly think that if the wheel is free standing that it won't hurt the animal. Also one of the main points for not using a open spoked metal wheel is that it could catch the tail which would be very bad. These open spoked metal wheels could also catch limbs so do not use them even with supervision. I learned this the hard way today with my hamster. Poor thing, glad though that it wasn't percy. Hamster cut himself right down his leg. That would be like one of us cutting ourselves from ankle to thigh. So as a rule I would make it so no one ever buys or uses any type of open spoked wheels in any animals cage. This including our glider friends.<P>